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Meteorology/Physical Science Connections?

Do meteorologists need to have a knowledge of physical science? Explain...

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Grigori S. | Certified Physics and Math Teacher G.S.Certified Physics and Math Teacher G.S.
Of course,they need. Meteorologist can't advance in his area if he doesn't know physics. Weather and climate are dependent on total amount of solar radiation, coming to us, its transfer in the earth atmosphere, specifi heat capacities of the earth surface and ocean water, the rate of the process of evaporation, water cycle in the atmosphere, phase changes of water on Earth. The process of formation of harrivanes is explaimed as a result of Cariolis effect - typical mechanical effect in the rotating (non-inertial) systems, thunderstorm can be expalined in terms of physics of sound waves - expanding shock waves as a result fast heating of air by lightening. Tsunamis and tropical cyclones are typical nonlinear physical phenomena described by a system of equations of nonlinear dynamics (known as soliton equation (for tsumani) and equations of Lorentz' model for cyclones). Meteorology is a very interest part of physical science interescting with astronomy and physics.