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asked • 10/31/22

Reliability of Information on the Web.


Instructions: The internet offers endless opportunities to obtain high-quality information on a wide variety of topics that are relevant to nutrition, but it also delivers an abundance of incomplete, misleading, or inaccurate information. Visit a website from the choices listed below. DO NOT PICK ANYTHING ELSE.  Use the Website Evaluation Rubric to evaluate the website and answer the questions below.

                                                                                                                                                        You may pick the topics listed below:                                                                                                                                              Chapter 1 – An Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

Lab 2 – Microscope and Cell Structure Review
Chapter 4 – The Tissue Level of Organization
 Lab 3 – Epithelial and Connective Tissues
Lab 4– Muscle and Nervous Tissue
Chapter 5 – The Integumentary System Chapter 6 – Osseous Tissue and Bone Structure
Lab 5– The Integumentary System

Chapter 6 – Osseous Tissue and Bone Structure continued

Chapter 9 - Joints
Lab 6 – Organization of the Skeletal System
Lab 7 – The Axial Skeleton
Chapter 10 – Muscle Tissue
Lab 7 – The Axial Skeleton continued
Lab 8 – The Appendicular Skeleton
Chapter 10 – Muscle Tissue continued
Chapter 11 – The Muscular System
Lab 8 – The Appendicular Skeleton continued
Lab 9 – Joint Structure and Movement
Lecture Exam 2
Chapter 12 – Neural Tissue
Lab 10 – Muscle Tissue

Topic Searched:

Website URL:

What is the source of this website? (Not google, name the university or the author)

   Does the website contain accurate information? Yes                                                  No . Explain your answer.

Evaluate the objectivity and clarity of the website’s message. Does the website have a bias or try to sell a commercial product?

Would you consider this website a reliable source of information? Yes No.  List five reasons to support your conclusion.

What specific suggestions can you offer for improving the content of the website?

After you have used your Website Evaluation Rubric to determine the overall quality and validity of the content of the website you selected, answer the following questions by selecting either True or False.

1.      In general, URLs that end in .com are more reliable than those that end in .org, .edu or .gov.

                              True                                False

2.      Personal websites, blogs, and wikis are written subjectively and may not contain reliable information.

                              True                                False

3.      The presence of advertisements or promotion of merchandise for sale on a website does not have any influence on the credibility of that website.

                              True                                False

4.      Whether or not the information found on a website is updated on a regular basis is an important consideration in determining the credibility of that website.

                              True                                False

5.      In general, websites that feature celebrity endorsements or testimonials are more reliable than those that do not.

                              True                                False

6.      A credible website should have an objective and unbiased tone, and include a comprehensive list of citations.

True      False    

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