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My Swift and my Armour' from Hemingway's "The Snows of Kilimanjaro"?

> 'If you have to go away,' she said, 'is it absolutely necessary to kill off everything you leave behind? I mean do you have to take away everything? Do you have to kill your horse, and your... more
Meaning In Context Grammar Esl/esol Speech


And yet we're meant to be educating them for it. What does this mean?

I was watching a TED video and didn’t get a few of the sentences. I hope someone can explain them to me. > So I have a big interest in education, and I think we all do. We have a huge vested... more
Meaning In Context English Vocabulary Books


Is it right to call a chapter of a book an "appendix"?

In *Think Python, 2nd Edition* the author states at the beginning of *Chapter 21. Analysis of Algorithms*: **"This appendix is an edited excerpt from ink Complexity, by Allen B. Downey, also... more
Meaning In Context English Connotation Books


What are the connotations of a "foot-washing baptist"?

In the book, *To Kill a Mockingbird*, the foot-washing baptists seem to be painted by Miss Maudie to be evil and to have a strict adherence to the "cleanliness of the soul." When Scout asks Miss... more
Meaning In Context English Books Meaning


What is the meaning of "Like a Lobster" in the following chapter of "The invisible man"?

http://etc.usf.edu/lit2go/120/the-invisible-man/2071/chapter-2/> "Good-afternoon," said the stranger, regarding him, as Mr. Henfrey> says, with a vivid sense of the dark spectacles, "like a... more
Meaning In Context English Books Meaning


What does “to quorble a stank at” mean?

In the foreword to *The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy* by Douglas Adams, the following sentence occurs: You will find quantum tomfoolery, cosmic belly laughs and more absurd one-liners than you... more
Meaning In Context English Books Grammaticality


Grammatical interpretation of Don DeLillo sentence?

I'm puzzled by these three sentences from Cosmopolis by Don DeLillo: Heavy trucks went downtown bouncing, headed to the garment district or the meatpacking docks, and nobody saw them. They saw the... more
Meaning In Context English Books


An explanation of the preface in "The Picture of Dorian Gray"?

I am currently reading The Picture of Dorian Gray and I'm puzzled over the meaning of a few sentences on the opening page. "The highest as the lowest form of criticism is a mode of autobiography."... more
Meaning In Context Writing Context Meaning


What is the definition of dig? If someone begins to cut into a surface is it considered that they have dug something? if not, why not?

According to the following extract: >Mrs. Baker wanted to go ice fishing. She read several books on the subject, and finally, after purchasing all the necessary equipment, she went onto the ice.... more
Meaning In Context Reading Phrase Meaning


I can't understand this expression?

A typical use of a function object is in writing callback functions. A callback in procedural languages, such as C, may be performed by using function pointers. Here is the sentence that confuses... more
Meaning In Context Reading Comprehension


The differences bewteen "Mere" and "Merely".?

What are the difference between these two sentences:1) He's a mere boy.2) He's merely a boy
Meaning In Context Reading


What does "but she felt it all the way down" mean?

A paragraph from [*Redemption Road: A... more
Meaning In Context German Translation Meaning


How to tell the difference between "ice" and "ice cream" when the word "Eis" is used?

Ice and "ice cream" both translate to "Eis" in German. Is the only way to differentiate between them by context?For instance, if you want to translate the sentences> "Does this store sell... more
Meaning In Context Reading


What does "people who heard voices were definitely in the bottom ten" convey in this context?

> ‘All dark,’ Dudley said hoarsely, shuddering. ‘Everything dark. And then I h-heard ... things. Inside m-my head...’> Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia exchanged looks of utter horror. If>... more
Meaning In Context German Adjectives Adverbs


Is unwillkürlich the opposite of willkürlich?

My dictionary translates *willkürlich* as *arbitrary* and *unwillkürlich* as *involuntary*. I do not understand in what sense these concepts are opposites. Could someone give an example where this... more
Meaning In Context Reading Reading Comprehension


Does the following excerpt say that most animals are active during the daytime?

>*"This can take many forms. Marine life, for example, is influenced by tidalpatterns. Animals tend to be active or inactive depending on the position of the sun or moon. Numerous creatures,... more
Meaning In Context Reading Sentence


Comprehension - what was the author trying to convey here?

Given this passage:> We are even farther removed from the unfocused newspaper reviews published in England between the turn of the 20th century and the eve of World War II, at a time when... more
Meaning In Context Reading Comprehension Idiom Meaning


Have lines crossed!?

I couldn't understand the meaning of have lines crossed in the sentence below:"We must have had our lines crossed, thank you for checking."I'd appreciate it if you help me in this order.Thanks
Meaning In Context Reading Gre Comprehension


Reading comprehension question?

Can you help me regarding the following question related to the paragraph below. For me, all the options can be answer because each option contains a non-text and text information.> Furthermore,... more
Meaning In Context German Meaning


Dasselbe vs. das Gleiche, what's the difference?

How should one best interpret the difference between "dasselbe" and "das Gleiche" ? When should one use one or the other?Is it correct that "dasselbe" is appropriate for concrete things, and "das... more
Meaning In Context Reading Gre Comprehension


Reading Comprehension question?

Here is a GRE practice question that I have an issue with. It is given [here](http://www.majortests.com/gre/reading_comprehension_test06), Question #7.>*Passage:*> >French cuisine is... more
Meaning In Context Grammar Clauses Meaning


What is the meaning of the subclause of 'goes off the deep end'?

If a real-time program **goes off the deep end**, the system can become unresponsive.
Meaning In Context Grammar Esl/esol Speech


Is "Too Much People" possible when I want to get the feeling of uncountable people?

Of course the rule is countable = many Uncountable = much But I see in some contexts that it's possible to exist this sense when I can't count in a way that it's exaggerated. "There were too... more


What does 'at the cost of' mean in this sentence?

So I was reading a history book. Here is the paragraph that confused me.> Regarding the speed and measures of reforms, the opinions of the progressive factions were divided into two groups.... more

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