Asked • 08/07/19

What's the meaning when we say "per se"?

Sometimes I read a sentence like the following one:> Objective-C does not provide a standard library, *per se*, but in most places.. I wonder how to interpret "per se." I'm non-native English speaker and in Swedish we have the expression "per se," but I don't understand it and maybe you can say that it means something like "in itself" (the strange Swedish expression is _i och för sig_) like Latin for _de se_ as distinct from latin _de facto_, _de re_, _de dicto_, _de jure_, etc. Do these expressions have a connection: "per se" and _de se_? Is it Latin and therefore I have difficulty to understand?What is the difference between these sentences?- Breaking a traffic rule does not, per se, make you a burglar.- Breaking a traffic rule does not, per definition, make you a burglar.- Breaking a traffic rule does not, in itself, make you a burglar.

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Stanton D. answered • 08/07/19

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