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How many atoms are in 0.188 mol of Na?

How many atoms are in 0.188 mol of Na? (Show your work with unit conversions)

Allyl sulfide gives garlic its characteristic odor. Give the mass and number of carbon atoms.

a) The mass in grams of 2.62 mol of allyl sulfide. Answer in scientific notation.b) The number of carbon atoms in 72.8 g of allyl sulfide. Answer in scientific notation.


Chemistry Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

A student is examining a bacterium under the microscope. The E. coli bacterial cell has a mass of mmm = 0.100 fg (where a femtogram, fg, is 10−15g) and is swimming at a velocity of v = 6.00 μm/s,... more
Atoms Chemistry Ions


Identify each of the following atoms or ions, use the correct name/nomenclature...

1) 18 e- 16 p+ 16 n2) 8 e- 8 p+ 8 n3) 23 e- 26 p+ 28 n

Why does Kr have larger radius than Ar when Kr has a larger effective nuclear charge?

Looking at the atomic radius trend of the periodic table, Kr has a larger radius than Ar. But my textbook claims that Kr has a larger effective nuclear charge than Ar for n=3. Wouldn't that mean Kr... more


Calcium has three different isotopes. One has a mass of 35.00 amu; another has a mass of 41.00 amu; the third has a mass of 40.00 amu. Which isotope is most abundant of the three? How do you know?

I want to say it is the isotope with the largest atomic mass unit, but there are no percentages so I don't know of a way to be sure which one could be more abundant.

Assignment For Physics

Why is the electron in the hydrogen atom not falling into the nucleus?


What are the Magic Numbers for Atoms?

 Which one can be the possible Answer? A. No. Of e that confer Atomic Stability. B. n/p ratio that confer Nuclear stability. C. Atomic No. Confer Nuclear stability. D. Atomic mass indicates... more


Do both flasks contain the same number of atoms?

If two identical sealed flasks, one containing He and one containing Ne, are at the same temperature (298 K) but the pressure of He is 1atm and the pressure of Ne is 0.5 atm, will both flasks... more


who said that electrons are in a definite orbit around the nucleus?

what guy said that electrons are in a definite orbit...


metals show a wide range of chemical properties

 is my question true or false
Atoms Decay Half


why will in half life radioactive decay the quantity will decay to half regardless of how big or small the original quantity was?

Suppose In first half-life radioactive decay radioactive atoms decay half their amount/quantity in a specific amount of time then in the second half-life why does it not decay according to its... more


If we want to produce 12.75 g of water, how many grams of diborane would we start with?

Diborane, B2H6, was once considered for use as rocket fuel. The combustion reaction for diborane is: B2H6(𝑔)+3O2(𝑔) ⟶ 2HBO2(𝑔)+2H2O (𝑙)


What if an atom loses one electron?

I am  pretty sure it would just have a positive charge but I want to know for certain. 


How many moles would 7.84 x 10^25 atoms of magnesium be? – Show Work

How many moles would 7.84 x 10^25 atoms of magnesium be? – Show Work


compare the charges and masses of protons, neutrons, and electrons.

Please use small detail for I am a student and need to really understand instead of just putting a super educated answer and me not understanding it and just jotting it down. Thank you for taking... more
Atoms Nucleus


More important: electron cloud or nucleus

I'm a freshman in Honors Chemistry, writing a paper on what is more essential to an atom: The e- cloud or the nucleus. I just need a few sentences

Structure of atoms related doubt

Photon is incident have frequency 1×?10?^14 sec^(-1). Threshold frequency of metal is 5 × ?10?^13 sec^(-1).find kinetic energy of electron 2.electron in hydrogen atom jump from excited state n to... more


Define Energy

Dear teacher People say : energy is the ability to do work But then" what is work ?" I asked : they said " work is energy tranfered by force " Bla , they use energy to define work and work to... more
Atoms Physics Atomic


Physics: Atomic Theroy

Suppose a wood fossil was found to be one eighth as C-14 radioactive as the same wood today. How old is it? (answer to the nearest 10 years, i.e. 5010 years, not 5011)


Earth Science c/o Atoms

    If I have two Atoms, one is Mg and the other is Cl.       Mg has 1 nucleus, the outer shell has 2 electrons, the next shell has 8 electrons, then the inner circle has 2 electrons, then the... more


what is the answer is it 6

2. How many oxygen atoms are indicated on the right sideof this balanced chemical equation?4 Cr(s) + 3 O2( g)h2 Cr2O3( g)


why are they empty

. The atoms that make up your body are mostly emptyspace, and structures such as the chair you’re sitting onare composed of atoms that are also mostly empty space.So why don’t you fall through the... more

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