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Curling Sport Momentum and Collisions Physics Problem

Disappointed with a 4th place tin medal in bobsledding, Burl has decided to take up curling. One of the opposing team's stones is resting on the outer edge of the house as shown below. With which... more
Collision Science Physics Forces


Calculating spring constant experientially with the methods of compression and collision (the question on the experiment is bolded in the description)

In an experiment, the spring constant (k) was calculated by gathering data on force and displacement from a compression (Part 1) and a collision (Part 2). In both parts, the spring constant (k) was... more


Momentum and Energy COnservation and Collisions

A block of mass M, at rest on a frictionless horizontal table, is attached to a rigid wall by an ideal spring with spring constant k. A bullet of mass m and speed v strikes the block and becomes... more
Collision Physics Algebra


Bullet being shot into a block

A 0.0150kg bullet is shot into a 4.0kg block which is at rest on a frictionless horizontal surface. The bullet remains lodged in the block. The block moves into a spring and compresses it by 3.8cm.... more
Collision Physics


Momentum and collisions

A 0.045-kg bullet traveling at a speed of 456 m/s is fired vertically into a sponge with a mass of 0.0060kg that is initially at rest. Assuming that the bullet is embedded in the sponge, how high... more


Small car colliding with large truck?

A small car collides with a large truck. Why do both vehicles experience the same magnitude of force? Wouldn't the large vehicle experience less force than the small one?
Collision Physics Forces Momentum


Ball flying towards me or me flying towards ball?

Suppose a ball is flying towards me at a speed of 10m/s and that, on impact, I feel "x" amount of pain. If, instead, it was me flying towards the ball at the same speed, with all other conditions... more
Collision Physics Forces Energy


How do I describe and calculate the effect of an impacting object?

My lab studies the physiology of impact injury on biological tissues. I use a pneumatic cylinder to impart injury into a biological sample and then assess the molecular and physiological changes in... more


Can a bullet shot through a glass make a clean hole?

One can often see (hopefully only in the movies) that a bullet shot through a pane of window glass leaves a hole in it, but overall the glass is left largely intact. However, a low-speed... more
Collision Physics Forces Momentum


Why does a billiard ball stop when it hits another billiard ball head on?

(*I'm repeating myself a lot here, but it's because I want to make my confusion clear.*) If 2 billiard balls are the same exact mass, and one hits another stationary one head on, I have heard that... more


Impulse and force

I've been stuck on this question forever and I keep getting it wrong :( Please help!   A truck of mass 3 tonnes is travelling at 105km/h when it hits a car of mass 1.5 tonne travelling in the... more


Finding velocity after a collision

On a very wet and slippery rugby field a 120 kg halfback tackles a 90 kg second rower. Prior to the collision the halfback is slipping with a velocity of 5.6m/s south and the second rower is... more


Calculating impulse

A car of 1 tonne travels at a speed of 100km/h collides with a 3 tonne van travelling 20km/h in the same direction. After the collision the car rebounds at 20km/h. Calculate the impulse on the van. 
Collision Physics


Physics collision

A rubber stopper collides inelastically with the ground. during the collision, the magnitude of the force exerted on the stopper is F(t)= 2x10^5t-3x10^7t^2 the collision last for 6.67 ms calculate... more


Rotational physics problem

a 1.5kg uniform rod of length .75 meters swings from rest around an axis through its end through an angle of 60 degrees. It strikes the center of a small .25 kg ball which sits on the edge of a... more
Collision Physics Momentum


A physics question that uses momentum and collision concepts

A 3kg steel ball attached to a string is given an initial velocity of 1.8m/s and swings through an angle of 60 degrees, colliding with a 4kg steel cube also suspended by a string, initially at... more
Collision Physics Momentum


Physics momentum

A neutron of mass u traveling with a speed 5.00x105 m/s collides with a stationary alpha particle of mass 4u.  The neutron scatters off the alpha particle at an angle 65˚ with speed... more


What kind of collision is this? What formulas do I use for a and b?

Bill forgets to put his car in park, and it starts rolling forward. When it is moving at a speed of 2 m/s, it collides with Tanya's car, which is moving 3 m/s backward. Bill's car bounces backward... more
Collision Physics Velocity Mass


Momentum in a collision.

How is momentum conserved in a collision?   Explain using words, calculations, or both as well as physics terms.


Explain physics question and answer.

Ball A of mass 5 kilograms moving at 20 meters per second collides with ball B of unknown mass moving at 10 meters per second in the same direction.   A car traveling at 20 m/s has 1,000 J of... more
Collision Physics Mass Momentum


Explain total momentum in physics.

Ball A of mass 5 kilograms moving at 20 meters per second collides with ball B of unknown mass moving at 10 meters per second in the same direction.   When is total momentum greatest?   The... more
Collision Physics Mass Momentum


Explain momentum before a collision.

Ball A of mass 5 kilograms moving at 20 meters per second collides with ball B of unknown mass moving at 10 meters per second in the same direction.   Which ball has more momentum before the... more
Collision Physics Mass Pressure


How does the pressure on each dummy compare?

Two safety dummies (of equal mass) are being used to test seat belts. Dummy A has a wide seat belt, and Dummy B has a narrow seat belt. Both dummies are crashed into a barrier while in the same... more

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