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What is the radius of the circle?

A car is turning on a circular path with a constant speed of 7 m/s. If the car mass is 1200 kg and the coefficient of static friction is between the cars tires and the road .68 what is the radius... more


Can someone help me with Mole Conversion?

I'm struggling to understand on how to do this, I'm currently trying to use dimensional analysis to solve the problems, please help.   1. What is the mass of 12.5 moles of silicon?   2. How... more


Find the acceleration of the books:

A Student moves a box of books with a rope by pulling the rope with a force of 90 N at an angle of 30°.   The books have a mass of 20 kg and a coefficient of friction between the box and floor is... more


what is the empirical formula?

the compound xylene consists of 90.49% C and the rest is hydrogen.What is the empirical formula?


determine the mass of the sample

1.48 mol carbon tetrafluoride 

Calculate the mass percent composition of each element in each compound.

FeCl3   Mass % of Fe, Cl   Express your answer using four significant figures



If you dissolve 300 g of salt in 10 litres of water, what is the density of that solution of salty water? In this particular example, assume that the total volume doesn’t change when salt is added... more

Doctors use radioactive iodine as a tracer in diagnosing certain thyroid gland disorders. This type of iodine decays in such a way that the mass remaining after

m(t) = 6e−0.087t where m(t) is measured in grams.   a) Find the initial mass (mass at time t = 0).   b) How much of the mass remains after 20 days?  


Question concerning molarity, volume and mass, please help!

If 10 drops of 0.5 mol L-1 Na3PO4(aq) had been added to the sample containing excess 0.25 mol L-1 Ca(NO3)2(aq), what mass of precipitate would you expect to produce? You may assume one drop is... more


the fuel tank of a truck has a capacity of 55 gal. if the tank is full of gasoline (sg=0.751)

sg=0.751   find mass and weight of the gasoline in SI units


What is the mass of the bucket?

When 2 dozen cans of food are placed in a bucket, the mass is 4560g. When 18 cans of food are placed in the same bucket, the mass is 3480 g. What is the mass of the bucket?


what is the mass in grams of an oak cube with the volume of 8 centimeters

it is a small cube and is wooden and it floatTS DENSITY MASS volume prediction result material grams centimeters 
Mass Density


What is the mass of 15.0 cm3 of iron?

The density of iron is 7.86 g/cm3.  What is the mass of 15.0 cm3 of iron?

What mass of oxygen gas is produced by the reaction of 5.2 g of water? Be sure to have the correct # of sig figs.

Green plants use light from the Sun to drive photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a chemical reaction in which water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) chemically react to form the simple sugar glucose... more


Energy in Simple Harmonic Motion help?

A .500 kg mass is oscillating on a spring with k= 330 N/m. The total energy of it's oscillation is 3.24 J. What is the speed of the mass when it is .100 m from the EP?
Mass Velocity


identify mass, velocity, and more

Ball A, with a mass of 20 kilograms, is moving to the right at 20 meters persecond. At what velocity should ball B, with a mass of 40 kilograms, move sothey both come to a standstill upon... more


What is the mass of 1.2 x 10^-3 moles of sodium chloride? – Show Work

What is the mass of 1.2 x 10^-3 moles of sodium chloride? – Show Work


From gram to kilograms

One gram of gold cost 34.94. What is the cost of half a kilogram of gold?


What size mass would you put on a spring (k = 17.6 N/m) so it would oscillate with the same period as a 0.45 m long pendulum? (Use 9.81 m/s2 for g).

Report your answer:in terms of kg. Do not include units in your answer. They will be assumed to be a precision of hundredths of a kg. Use a format like #.## in your an accuracy of... more


Geometry word problems

 A square prism container with the base of 5 cm x 5 cm is partially filled with water. You drop a clip of metal with mass 525 g into the container, and the water level rises to centimeters. What is... more


Geometry word problem.

Chemist dean dalton is given a clump of metal and is told that it is sodium. He finds that the metal has mass 145.5 g. He places it into a non reactive liquid in a quake prism whose base measures... more


Geometry word problem

Which has more mass: A solid cylinder of gold with a height of 5 cm in a diameter of 6 cm or a solid cone of platinum with a high of 21 cm and a diameter of 8 cm? Prove your answer mathematically. 


calculate the mass

A uniform meter rule of mass 90g is pivoted at the 40cm mark. If the rule is in equilibrium with an unknown mass M placed at the 10cm mark and a 72g mass at the 70cm mark, determine M


The density for potassium is 0.856 g/cm3. What would be the mass of a 35 cm3 piece of potassium?

DOnt know how to find mass

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