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Momentum Physics Impulse Sph4u


Physics impulse and momentum question

A Figure skater of mass 70kg is gliding at a velocity of 3.5 m/s [E]. Their skating partner, of mass 45 kg, skates at a velocity of 4.2 m/s [N] when they jump into the first skater’s arms.... more


Curling Sport Momentum and Collisions Physics Problem

Disappointed with a 4th place tin medal in bobsledding, Burl has decided to take up curling. One of the opposing team's stones is resting on the outer edge of the house as shown below. With which... more
Momentum Ap Physics


2D momentum question

A shell slides along a frictionless flat surface moving with a southward velocity 10.0 m/s explodes in midair and breaks into 2 pieces. The larger broken piece has a mass 3.00 kg while that of the... more

AP Physics Momentum Problems

Mass A (10.0 kg) is travelling west at 8.00 m/s and collides inelastically with Mass B (30.0 kg) which is travelling east at 4.00 m/s. Find the resulting velocity of mass A. show direction as... more


an electric fan blade, finding angular speed and acceleration

An electric fan blade is rotating at a rate of 210 rev/min when it is subsequently switched off. The blade then takes 35.5 seconds to come to rest.A. What is the initial angular speed of the fan... more
Momentum Physics


Physics Help Momentum

Two marbles collide. One is traveling at 10 cm/sec and has a mass of 60 grams. The other marble has a mass of 50 grams and travels at -12 cm/sec. If the first marble rebounds backwards with a... more
Momentum Physics


Physics Momentum

A 3500-kilogram vehicle moving easy at 50 km/h collides head-on with a 6000-kilogram vehicle moving west at 40 km/h. The two vehicles lock together. Which way will the wreckage move, and what is... more
Momentum Physic Forces


Physics Question on Force

Hello, if someone may solve all this please with the steps on each problem that would be great. I'm having problems figuring this out. URGENT


Force Applied and Impulse/ Newton's Third Law

How does the applied force of an object determine impulse?How is impulse and Newton's Third Law relate to changes in momentum for colliding objects?
Momentum Physics Velocity Mass


Physics Question- Momentum and Impulse

A 52 kg girl rides on a 2.6 kg skateboard. The girl on the skateboard moves at 1.3 m/s. If the girl jumps off the skateboard backwards with a velocity of 1.6 m/s, how fast does the skateboard roll... more


How to find angular momentum from a graph

I have been give a time v torque graph and asked to determine the change in angular momentum. My textbook does not go over this and my professor hasn’t cover this.


Small car colliding with large truck?

A small car collides with a large truck. Why do both vehicles experience the same magnitude of force? Wouldn't the large vehicle experience less force than the small one?


Which is easier, pushing or pulling?

It is generally assumed, from a person's perspective, that pushing a cart is more easier than pulling one. But why? Is there any difference in terms of force required to achieve the same amount of... more


Ball flying towards me or me flying towards ball?

Suppose a ball is flying towards me at a speed of 10m/s and that, on impact, I feel "x" amount of pain. If, instead, it was me flying towards the ball at the same speed, with all other conditions... more


Why does a billiard ball stop when it hits another billiard ball head on?

(*I'm repeating myself a lot here, but it's because I want to make my confusion clear.*) If 2 billiard balls are the same exact mass, and one hits another stationary one head on, I have heard that... more


Physics-High School

A 14kg rock starting from rest free falls through a distance of 5.0 m with no air resistance. Find the momentum change of the rock caused by its fall and the resulting change in the magnitude of... more


Momentum problem (explosion)

A 0.45 kg fire-cracker is at rest when it explodes into four pieces.   1: 0.15 kg - 15 m/s due east 2: 0.075 kg - 20 m/s due west 3: 0.05 kg - 30 m/s due north 4: 0.175 kg - ?   What is the... more

Conservation of Momentum

A 0.76 kg fireworks rocket moving at a speed of 32 m/s breaks into two pieces as the result of an explosion. After the explosion a 0.28 kg piece moves with a speed of 42 m/s in the original... more


what is the momentum of a system of two particles

What is the momentum of a system of two particles with these respective masses and velocities: 3.75 kg moving north at 5.6m/s and 4.2 kg moving northwest at 2.3m/s?

Calculate the momentum of each of the following objects:

a) a 0.50 kg ball thrown straight up with a velocity of 30 m/s. b) a 2000 kg railway car moving south at 10 m/s. c) an electron of mass, 9.1 x 10-31 kg moving at a velocity of 1 x 107 m/s. d) the... more


3. A force of 40N applied at the end of a wire of length 4m and diameter 2mm produces an extension of 0.24mm. Calculate :

3. A force of 40N applied at the end of a wire of length 4m and diameter 2mm produces an extension of 0.24mm. Calculate : (1 mark)i) stress on the wire


What is final speed

A freight car with a mass of 3.5 x 105 kg traveling at 5 m/s connects itself to another identical freight car at rest. What is their final speed together after the collision

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