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What is the millimolar concentration of sulfate ion?

A sample contains an average of 3.98 x 10^3 ppm sodium ion and 271 ppm sulfate ion. What is the millimolar concentration of sulfate ion in this sample if the average density of the solution in the... more


Calculate the densities of both the water and the isopropyl alcohol and the percent error...

The accepted value for the density of water is 1.00 g/mL and the accepted density for isopropyl alcohol is 0.786 g/mL.percent error = experimental density minus accepted density divided by accepted... more


Calculate the density of the magnet and bolt...

Magnet:Mass (g) = 7.93 gInitial volume of graduated cylinder = 7.00 mLFinal volume of graduated cylinder = 9.00 mLObject volume = 2.00 mLDensity (g/mL) ?Bolt:Mass (g) = 6.61 gInitial volume of... more


Help me work out density please!!

If you dissolve 52.5 g of salt in 3.45 l of water, what is the density of that solution of salty water? In this particular example, assume that the total volume doesn’t change when salt is added to... more


Another Science question

"Perform the following sequence of operations, applying significant rules: Dr. Sormunen's head weighs 5.05 kg. When Dr. Sormunen places his head in a graduated bucket, the water level rises from... more


A little aluminum boat (mass of 14.50 g) has a volume of 450.00 cm3. The boat is placed in a small pool of water and carefully filled with pennies. If each penny has a mass of 2.50 g.....

A little aluminum boat (mass of 14.50 g) has a volume of 450.00 cm3. The boat is placed in a small pool of water and carefully filled with pennies. If each penny has a mass of 2.50 g, how many... more

About the dimensions of a cube

Gold Cube size islength: 25.36mmwidth: 25.66mmheight: 25.41mmmass of the gold cube is 145.4757gHow to calculate volume of the cube (cm^3)?and What is the density of the cube (g/cm^3)?

How to solve the volume and density?

Dimensions of cylinder.length: 76.25mmdiameter: 12.76mmMass of cylinder: 74.9650gHow to calculate the volume of the solid cylinder (cm^3) ?and density (g/cm^3)?


Density and Percentage

Battery Acid consists of 31 % (m/m) H2SO4 and has a density of 1.27 g/mL. How many mL of pure H2SO4 must be used to create 5.0 L of battery acid? The density of pure H2SO4 is 1.84 g/mL.

Stuck on a density = mass / volume equation

A chemist encounters an unknown metal. They drop the metal into a graduated cylinder containing water, and find the volume change is 3.2 mL. If the metal weighs 2.3 g, what is the density in g/mL... more
Density Chemistry Algebra


In one of the classic movies of “Indiana Jones” the protagonist used a bag of sand to replace a gold statue that sits on a weight sensitive alarmed pedestal...

The bag of sand and the statue have exactly the same volume, 1.75 L. (assume the mass of the bag to be negligible). a) Calculate the mass of each object. (density of gold = 19.3 g/cm3 , density of... more


Dimensional Analysis Problem Help

An iceberg has a volume of 2975 ft3. What is the mass of the iceberg in kilograms if the density of the ice is 0.917 g/cm3?


Dimensional Analysis Problem Help

The average density of the earth is 5.52 g/cm3, what is its density in (a) kg/m3 and (b) lb/ft3?


Dimensional Analysis Problem Help

An Erlenmeyer flask has a mass of 25.62 g, when filled with water the flask has a mass of 256.9 g, if the density of water is 0.987 g/cm3, (a) what is the volume of the water (mL) in the flash? (b)... more


Dimensional Analysis Problem Help

A cape is designed for Lady Gaga's concert with 4,560 sequins. If a sequin has a volume of 0.0241 cm3 and the sequins have a density of 681.7 g/in3, what is the mass in lb of the sequins on Lady... more
Density Chemistry


If there was water left over in my pycnometer when an unknown liquid was then put into it, what happens to the density of the unknown?

This is a question on my post lab asking me to describe what would happen if there was an error during the experiment. Would the density of the unknown be less dense or more dense and why? I... more
Density Physics Buoyancy


Physics question (density, buoyancy)

In order to make air float, which of the following needs to be done?Does it’s density need to be made smaller, does it need to be heated, does its volume need to be increased, or does any of the... more


Chemistry Indiana Jones HMWK

A quantity of sand has a mass of 1200g and a volume of 750cm^3. What is the density of sand?Correct Answer: 1.6 g/cm^3 (which I got) the part I’m confused on is as follows......The volumes of sand... more


A Density Question for Chemistry

A gold statue has a volume of about 1.5L. How many cm^3 is thismy answer: 1,500cm^3 = rounded to 1 significant figure is (2,000cm^3)apparently its wrong but I don’t know how^^^This then leads to... more


What atomic forces are acting to resist me pushing an air filled bottle underwater?

Yes air is less dense than water but how does the bottle know to rise or indeed to move? It's not electromagnetism I think. Does this have a relation to gravitational forces? Is it to do with the... more


Does the mass of a star change as it collapses into a black hole?

I know (I think!) that when a really big star collapses on itself it creates a black hole. My question: When a star collapses, is the mass equal to the mass of the star when it's not a black hole?... more


what is the density of atmosphere assuming that O2 : 21% and N2 : 79%

I just can't seem to work this out, and I was thinking whether I use the ideal gas law, and find the empirical formula, but again, I have no idea.

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