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Write the summary using the 5 W’s, 1 H technique

Write the summary using the 5 W’s, 1 H technique.TEXT 2. THE HACKSAW RIDGE MOVIEIn Lynchburg, Desmond Doss and his brother Hal are raised by a dysfunctional family since their father Tom... more


True or false question

True or falseWe all have different experience, through literature we can share our cultures and traditions to others.


Explain Woolf’s concept of time in Mrs Dalloway.



What makes James Joyce’s short story „The Dead“ a typical modernist text?



Explain the symbolism of snow in James Joyce’s short story „The Dead“.


What were the influences taken from William Wordsworth to write poetry on materialism in the later ages? Can you also give some examples of materialism used in poetry?

I was asked a question by my professor while presenting my paper. The paper referenced a poem "The Sparrow's Nest" where "Sparrow's dwelling" and "bright blue eggs were used. The question asked... more
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Can you explain story structure?

How is the plot of a fiction story developed? Is there a process or procedure?


Literacy Questions

For this assessment, the teacher meets individually with students and asks the student to read a passage (which has illustrations of two children on scooters on a sidewalk.Text: Child’s... more


Identify two figures of speech in the following lines and explain how they work. Then identify the type of verse line, the rhythm, and at least two types of rhyme or sound devices.

". . . these our actors, are melted in to air, into thin air;And, like the baseless fabric of this vision,The cloud-capped towers, the gorgeous palaces,The solemn temples, the great... more
Literature Russian


Who were some of the Russian iconic poem and book writers?

Russian literature is full of amazing usage of the language. There are a lot of iconic writers who influenced the language, and now their quotes are used all the time. Who were they?



Is this personification "while its fellows soared" in this the auther is talking about clubs flying through the air.


Help with a Study Guide

Using examples from the poem "Juggling" by Ann Pedtke, identify 2 poetic devices and explain their intended effect. 
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Book question/comprehension

Student: I also didn’t like that Wanda walks to school alone and that the girls laugh at her so much. I am curious about why Wanda says she has a hundred dresses and sixty shoes.Viridiana: I’m not... more
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English problems

Viridiana: The old man seems scary but maybe people have just made up stuff about him. Maybe people just think he’s scary but don’t even know if he’s actually nice. Student: I agree Viri.... more
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Questions for literacy

Viridiana: The old man seems scary but maybe people have just made up stuff about him. Maybe people just think he’s scary but don’t even know if he’s actually nice.Student: I agree Viri. That’s a... more
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Question about a story

1. Look again here at how the Student started the grand conversation: Student: I liked that we got to know a little bit more about Wanda. We now know that she lives in Boggins Heights... more


Man of Earth by A.T. Daguio

How the poem Man of Earth by A.T. Daguio relates to the present situation of the Filipinos and even all peoples of the world?


fallacy of false division and false composition

Hello!Could you guys please give me examples of fallacy of false division and false composition. I am still not able to grab my mind around it, so could y’all give me an example of both. Thanks!

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