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Why does the Emperor-Over-the-Sea play such a small role in the Chronicles of Narnia?

The Emperor-Over-the-Sea is referenced at several points during the series. The Stone Table, Deep Magic and the Deeper Magic were all set in motion by him, and he is the father of Aslan.At the same... more


Why don't people in the Chronicles of Narnia have trouble "transitioning" back to their old life after extended times in other worlds?

In *The Chronicles of Narnia*, people often spend weeks, months, or even decades in other worlds. They return to their old life at the exact instant that they left as if they were never gone. For... more


Does Puzzle the Donkey have an allegorical relationship with any entity in the Book of Revelation or the Bible at large?

C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia are a great children's series which present an allegory the New Testament and Biblical history. That said, Lewis sometimes put in things that don't necessarily... more


What is the symbolism of Eustace's arm ring?

In *The Voyage of the Dawn Treader*, Eustace put a cursed arm ring on, which resulted in him becoming a dragon. Does the arm-ring itself have any special symbolism (e.g. he was entrapped by his... more


What is the symbolism of Ransom's heel wound?

In *Perelandra*, the second book of CS Lewis's planets trilogy, the protagonist Ransom is wounded in the heel by the Un-Man/Weston. We learn in the third book, *That Hideous Strength*, that the... more


What sort of bookshops sell The Works of Aristotle?

In the beginning of The Great Divorce, C.S. Lewis' narrator states: > However far I went I found only dingy lodging houses, small tobacconists, hoardings from which posters hung in rags,... more


Is Deeper Magic something more than God (the Emperor beyond the Sea) in Narnia?

When Aslan is asked why he has to die in the *The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe*, he answers something in the sense that there is a "deeper magic" that he has to obey. What exactly is this... more

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