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(4-16) (-8) =

Use the distributive property to evaluate the equation.

I know how to do D.P. but this question confused me! Help me, please!

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AS an alternative way (if you are allowed not to use the distributive property):

You could also use PEMDAS (= Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally; acronym for the order of operations: 1. P=Parentheses, 2. E=Exponents, 3. M=Multiplication, 4. D=Division, 5. A=Addition, 6. S=Subtraction)


Going by PEMDAS:

1. Parentheses first: Handle the expression inside first (4-16) =  -12; (-8) will remain by itself since there isn't any other expression in the parentheses

2.  Exponents = None present

3. Multiplication = -12 * (-8) <-- you may wonder why there still is a parenthesis: in mathematics it is not allowed to put two operational signs next to each other. Multiplication (indicated by *) and the negative sign are two operational signs and should be separated. Another hint: we can write parenthesis only without the multiplication sign. It is understood that multiplication is the required operation.

So now we have: -12 * (-8): the rule says that when you multiply 2 negatives you get a positive number therefore we know the answer will be positive and 12*8 is 96. Therefore your final answer will be 96.

My answer seem longer, but in the end the steps are come out to be same.

Hope this helps in the future.


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Distributive property tells us that we can multiply each term (separated by a + or - sign) in the parentheses by each term in the next set of parentheses.

Thus, (4 - 16)(-8) means we are multiplying -8 by 4 AND -8 by -16

-8 x 4 = -32 and -8 x -16 = 128.

Together, we have -32 + 128, which gives us 96.

To check, we note that (4 - 16)(-8) = (-12)(-8) = 96, as above.