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Absolute Value Math Precalculus


|x-|x-1||= floor(x)

I am confused on how to find the answer of all x that fit into this equation and write it into interval notation.
Absolute Value Algebra 1 Inequalities


A child takes a nap avg 3 hrs & gets an avg of 12 hrs of sleep at night. Nap time & night time sleep can each vary by 30 mins. What're the possible time lengths for the child's nap & night time sleep?

Hey, could I please get some help. I need the answer and an equation using an absolute value inequality. I know it may seem simple but I suck at making equations out of word problems.
Absolute Value Algebra 2


Write an absolute value inequality that has solutions (-2, 3) U (7, 12).

Absolute Value Algebra 2


College algebra

A sheet of steel is to be 0.35 inch tick, with a tolerance of 0.015 inch. Express this specification with an inequality containing an absolute value. (Use x as the variable)
Absolute Value Algebra 2


Algebra college

A Steinway piano should be placed in an environment where the relative humidity h is between 36% and 74%. Express this range with anime quality containing an absolute value
Absolute Value Algebra 2 College Algebra


College Algebra

A lightbulb is expected to last h hours, where | h - 1,700| less than or equal to 180. Express this range without using absolute value symbols.


Can someone help me with limits and absolute values please? :)

The instructions are to find the limit. My brain flipped upside down when seeing the absolute value symbols. lim |x-3| x-> 3- x2-7x+12Thank you!
Absolute Value Algebra 2


How do you solve|-8k|= 24? Is k=3 and k= -3 correct?


How do absolute sign works with functions?

If ƒ(x)=|x| then how is:ƒ(x)={x for x>0 -x for x<0 0 for x=0}Since absolute sign don't take negatives into consideration should'nt x<0 be also equal to x?


Which is the fastest way to get the absolute value of a number?

How fast is an `if` (and why please). My college programing professors always told me to avoid `if`s for they are extremely slow, but I always forgot to ask how slow and why.
Absolute Value Prealgebra


What is the distance between 9 and −10 on the number line?

Absolute Value Algebra 1


Is 10 and |-10| equal to

Absolute Value Inequalities


All real numbers within 6 units of 11


Absolute Value Inequality

Hello!   How would you write: x is within four units of -2 as an absolute value statement 
Absolute Value Algebra


Absolute Value Statements

Hi hope you are having a great day!   I was confused how I would turn the following into an absolute value statement=   1) m is at least 8 units from 3 2) n is more than 7 units from... more
Absolute Value


What is an absolute value equation that has the solutions X=6 X=18

 I have no idea how to find out an obsolute value equation please just tell me this answer 


How to I rewrite the inequality 4.006 < x +5 < 5.000 as an absolute value inequality?

And how do I do the same thing to 6<= x <= 16? <= is less than or equal to. 
Absolute Value


evaluate l9l - lbl, given a =5 , b= -3, and c =-2

need help
Absolute Value


evaluate 3l-3l

need help evaluating 
Absolute Value Algebra 1 Algebra


Write an absolute value equation that has these minimum and maximum lengths as its solutions.

in a songwriting competitio, the minimum length of a song is 2.5 minutes. The maximum length of a song is 5.5 minutes. Write an absolute value equation that has these minimum and maximum lengths as... more
Absolute Value Prealgebra Review


simplify the following : 6-|-8|+|2|

This is a review question , it says i need to show all my work to get credit but i get confused about absolute value
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