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7th Grade Math Math


math 7th grade math

7th Grade Math Math


seventh grade math

These two right circular cylinders have the same height, 25 centimeters. The radius of the smaller cylinder, r1, is 12 centimeters and the radius of the larger cylinder r2, is 6 times greater... more
7th Grade Math Math Prealgebra


i need help!!! and fyi i hattteeee PREeee ALGEBRAaaaa

7th Grade Math Math Fractions


I don't know what 1/4+12 equals. Help!

I don't know what 1/4+12 equals. Help!
7th Grade Math


7th grade Math April 12

Noah and his sister are making gift bags for a birthday party. Noah puts 3 pencil erasers in each bag. His sister puts x stickers in each bag. After filling 4 bags, they have used a total of 44 items. more
7th Grade Math Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Prealgebra


A rectangle has a length that is unknown but is 12 inches longer than its width, w. The perimeter of the rectangle is 104 inches.

(a) Write an expression for the length of the rectangle in terms of w. Label it on the diagram. (b) Write an equation using the perimeter to find the value of w. Solve it for w.
7th Grade Math Math


Nicco earned twice as much as Samuel mowing lawns. If Nicco earned $48, how much did Samuel earn? Write and solve an equation to find how much money Samuel earned.

Define the variable: ___________________________ Write an equation: ____________________________ Solve the equation:
7th Grade Math Math


I need help with math 7th grade math

the question is -10 = 10 (x - 9) but i dont understand it


7th grade Math question - Test review - Please help I'm a bit stuck - Question in desc

A telephone pole casts a shadow that is 20 feet long. At the same time, a 5-foot-tall woman standing on a 1.5-foot-tall podium next to the telephone casts a shadow that is 15 feet long. How tall is... more
7th Grade Math Math Algebra 1 Word Problem


Bojangles has a rectangular-shaped roof with a width of 〖6x〗^2 feet and a length 〖12x〗^3. What is the area of the roof?

I am in Algebra 1 and I really don't understand this part at all.
7th Grade Math Probability Fractions Numbers


Big Ideas Online 10.5

You randomly choose one of the tiles. Without replacing the first tile, you choose a second tile. What is the probability of the compound event? Write your answer as a fraction or percent rounded... more
7th Grade Math Math


find the unit rate

kenny reads 3/8 page in 2/5 minute
7th Grade Math Math


The sum of three consecutive even numbers is 48. What are the smallest of these numbers?

the sum of three consecutive even numbersis 48. What are the smallest of thesenumbers?
7th Grade Math


Translate the sentence into an equation

Twice the difference of a number and 2 is 8
7th Grade Math Math Inequality Pre Algebra


Inequality Statement

Five less than 18 times the number x, is less than or equal to -45
7th Grade Math Prealgebra


find a reciprocal

What is the reciprocal of 4a?Is it 1/4a (because 4a = 4a/1)or is it1a/4 (which is = 1/4 times a)?
7th Grade Math Prealgebra


jada and diego baked a large batch of cookies. Continue in description

they gave 1/4 of the cookies to their teachers. They noticed that one of their remaining cookies was burnt, so they threw it away. Then, they delivered 2/5 of the cookies they had left to a local... more
7th Grade Math Prealgebra



If Jeremy has 15 2/3 pound of pretzels and he wants to put 11/42 pounds in each nag how many full bags can he make
7th Grade Math


Math percentage

Teddy paid $43.08 for a package of 3 Lego sets. What was the price for each Lego set?
7th Grade Math Middleschoolmath


How do i solve for n?

n-(-6)=12 how do i solve this by using a line through a equal sign?

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