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Death because of distilled water consumption?

One of my friends said that I would die if I drank distilled water (we were using it in a chemistry experiment) I gave it a go and surprisingly did not die.I did a bit of... more
Human Biology Biology Measurement


What is the average speed of human sneeze?

I sneeze a lot, at various times and various "volumes", and often wonder about the speed of the sneeze itself, i.e. the speed of the air coming out of the nose while sneezing.What is the average... more


How does aspirin "thin" blood?

As we all know, aspirin doesn't actually "thin" the blood, as it has been explained to me, it makes it "slippery". Slippery blood doesn't stick to itself hence this helps prevent internal blood... more
Human Biology Biochemistry Zoology


Why do we have no enzyme to digest cellulose?

As we know, cellulose is the most abundant polysaccharide in nature. Why don't we have an enzyme to digest cellulose?
Human Biology Biology Physiology


What is the mechanism responsible for the periodicity of hiccups?

Hiccups ([*singultus*]) are caused by involuntary spasm of the intercostal muscles and diaphragm, producing a sudden inspiration with associated glottic closure. It seems the neurobiology of the... more
Human Biology Anatomy Human Anatomy


Stretching and compressing bones?

The Young's modulus of elasticity when a bone is stretched is : 16*109 and when it is compressed, it is 9*109 N/m2. That means, change in length will be more if you compress a bone as compared to... more
Human Biology Biology Physiology


Why do we get runny noses in the cold?

The most annoying thing for me about being cold is a runny nose. Is there an advantage to having a runny nose when cold? What does having a runny nose achieve?
Human Biology Anatomy Physiology


Why does sympathetic activity constrict pulmonary vessels?

I don't know understand why sympathetic stimulation constricts pulmonary vessels? I thought that the sympathetic nervous system activated the body for physical activity. Physical activity would... more
Human Biology Biology Biochemistry


What's the mechanism for being mentally tired?

I notice that after long tests, or long periods of critical thinking, my body and mind feel noticeably tired. Why does this happen? Are the neurons in my head not firing as quickly, or is there... more
Human Biology Biology Biochemistry


Human perception of time depending on age?

From what I can tell and what thus far all people with whom I discussed this subject confirmed is that time appears to "accelerate" as we age.Digging a little, most explanations I found basically... more
Human Biology Pharmacology Medicine


How does drug-induced photosensitivity work?

Some drugs (tetracyclines, for instance) can cause photosensitivity reactions—that is, some patients become extremely sensitive to the sun, developing rashes or inflammation after spending time in... more
Human Biology Biology Bacteriology


What causes the development of antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria?

I understand bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics due to selection pressures, but how do resistant bacteria process antibiotics when exposed to it, compared to non-resistant bacteria.... more
Human Biology Genetics Twins


Do identical twins have the same fingerprint?

When there is every thing same from their genes to their phenotype so then why they don't have same fingerprints?
Human Biology Pharmacology Brain


Influence of alcohol on brain cells?

As far as I know, drinking alcohol is killing cells in the brain. But is it linear? E.g. if I have 1.0 per mil and it kills 1000 cells will 2.0 per mil kill 2000 cells?
Human Biology Biology Psychology


Why is it advised that infants are fed mother's milk?

I have heard that mother's milk is preferred over other baby foods, because it contains immunoglobulins (secretory IgA), and other essential nutrients. But why is mother's milk so special? Any... more
Human Biology Biology Death


Can one die from pain?

Is it possible that a human or any other creature can die from pain? I googled and found different answers. Some articles say Yes while others say No.
Human Biology Biology Physiology


What actually happens when my leg 'falls asleep'?

Most people have experienced the temporary loss of feeling and tingling in their leg resulting from sitting in an abnormal position for a short while. Usually you get a loss of feeling in your leg... more
Human Biology Biology Genetics


Are we able to determine the full genotype for the dominant trait?

Are we able to determine the full genotype for the dominant trait?
Human Biology Microbiology Pharmacology


If a human takes antibiotics are all bacteria in the body killed?

From my basic understanding, antibiotics kill living things, bacteria for example.Do the antibiotics consumed by a human-being distinguish between what they kill? Or do they just kill every... more
Human Biology Biology Genetics


Origin, or source, of rhesus negative in human blood?

This is my first post here, so please be gentle. I recently learned that I have Rh- blood (I'm A-), and was idly looking into blood types on Wikipedia. I was surprised to find that relatively few... more
Human Biology Genetics


What makes a cancer contagious?

Most human cancers are not (very?) contagious (perhaps besides a couple of incidents). But the Tasmanian devil seems to have a form of cancer which is contagious. Now what makes the difference... more
Human Biology Microbiology


Do probiotics survive digestion?

Pretty much this. I've been wondering if any of the yogourt and other "health" foods containing living probiotic cultures survive digestion to populate our intestines? If so, is there peer-reviewed... more
Human Biology Pharmacology Immunology


Why do vaccines cause your arm to hurt?

When you get a shot for a vaccine (for example, the annual flu vaccine), the nurse frequently indicates that your arm will ache for a day or two, maybe more. This ache is typically not just a pain... more
Human Biology Biology Physiology


What causes swelling after impact?

Why does the head swell after getting hit by something hard? What is the liquid that forms after impact?
Human Biology Language Biology


Is there a specific suffix for "within a cell"? i.e. in a similar manner to how -aemia refers to within the blood?

Words like hyperglycemia and hyponatremia refer to the relative level of each component in the blood, not in the cell. Is there a suffix for within the cell? For reference I would like one word as... more

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