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Circuit Physics


physics circuit question

In a parallel circuit, the voltage drop across bulb A is 40.0 V and the voltage drop across bulb C is 15.0 V. Current provided by the battery is 5.0 A and current flowing through bulb B is 3.0... more


physics question hard??

Two light circuits with identical lightbulbs. One has two lightbulbs in parallel. Other has them in series.Student 1 says series will glow brighter cuz the same current goes to both... more


physics question????

A circuit with a 100 ohm resistor, followed by a parallel wiring with two 100 ohm resistors. What happens to the potential difference along a parallel resistor if the other one is removed.

Differential Equations circuit homework problem

Attached is the problem from my text book. I'm confused about what I'm actually solving and how to use what I know. I know that Current for the inductor is given by the equation di/dt = v/L and the... more

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