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What is the polynomial function of least degree whose only zeros are −2 , 3, and 4?



Roots of a Polynomial

Why is it important to consider multiplicity when determining the roots of a polynomial equation? Example?


Learning Arabic through roots?

I am currently trying to learn Arabic but think that instead of learning vocabulary piece by piece, it would be better to learn the root consonants for nouns, adjectives and verbs and rules for... more


The Polynomial f(x)= 3x^3 - 4x^2 + 27x -36 has 3i as a root, give all of the roots

The Polynomial f(x)= 3x^3 - 4x^2 + 27x -36 has 3i as a root, give all of the roots of f in a comma-separated list, including the given one. Roots :...……….Thanks a lot


root of the equation

solve the equation a^3+4a+3 for the roots  


What is the roots of quadratic function?

What means by 'Let α and β be the roots of quadratic function ax2 +bx+c=0' And talk about the sum of roots and product of roots...I don't even know how α and β pop out,isn't the roots means the... more



find exact values of p if px^2 - 2x + 3p = 0 is a negative definiteI have the process to get the answer-p < - 1/√3


Trick to solve polynomial equations from given roots faster?????

 So, we were writing polynomial equations from given roots. My teacher said their was a pattern that could help you solve it in a minute. What is that pattern?


This function is odd or even?

If x, -x ∈ the function of F. then 1/2 [f(x) - f(-x)] is always:1) Even2) Odd 3) Neither even nor odd 4) one-to-one


Absolute value of F(x)

The function f(x) = | - 1/2 x | doesn't equalA- g(x)= |- 1/2 | |x|B- g(x)= | 1/2 x |C- g(x)= 1/2 |-x|D- g(x)= 1/2 x


Help find roots of a Polynomial Equation

I'm trying to solve this one polynomial equation: x3 - 2x2 + 10x + 136 = 0   I know the answer is apparently 3 +- 5i, -4 according to the answer guide but I'm unsure how to reach that... more


writing a quadratic equation given the roots and the leading coefficient

Write the quadratic equation whose roots are 3 and -5, and whose leading coefficient is 3.  (use the letter x to represent the variable)   Answer= _____   =0 I do know how to do the first half... more


find a polynomial function that has these zeros

5 and 3-2i


finding roots?

you're given the following table of values: x              -10         -4          8          15 f(x)            -4          0          -4          -9 g(x)            5           9          0  ... more


Root existence for a function

I want to prove that the following f(x) always has a root. Due to periodicity, it would have many roots if there exist one. Can anybody help me with this? I tried to use intermediate value theorem... more


Algebra 2 Help

Link : http://imgur.com/a/JZxGv   This is a 3 part question so I would be extremely grateful with you could answer the 3 parts. Thanks in advance!!


which expression is equivalent to 10√3 -5√3 +6√14

My answer choices are  A) 11√20 B) 11√17 C) 5√6 + 6√14 D) 5√3 + 6√14


What's the minimum order of the polynomial?

A polynomial has one unique real root, a set of repeating roots, and 2 complex roots. What's the minimum order of the polynomial? The order of a polynomial is the degree of the exponent of the... more


Double Roots

If 16x^2 - 24x + k = 0 has two roots (a double root) equal to 3/4, 4 = ?


Find the root. Assume that all variables represent positive numbers.



Roots of a polynomial

The number of integer x such that x2x-3(2x+2)+25 =0   Please help with this roots question


solve 3x^3 - 18x^2 + 6x = 0 with roots in simplest radical form if necessary

teacher gave hint that there are three solutions to this equation


find the root

9x^2–1–(3x–2)^2=0 9x2–1–(3x–2)2=0


Root of a number doubt

how to find root of 58.97 ? Please tell me any shortcut method (if any) ?

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