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Need help with math homework

Hi I need help with my math homework it has ratios, it’s asking me to figure out what ratio was used to create this table. The table is 12:3    20:5    28:7    36:9 Plz Help and thx!


The sum of numbers

The sum of three numbers is 96. The first number is 6more than the third. The second number is 3times the third. What are the numbers?

Find the height of the mountain to the nearest foot.

Bob is driving along a straight and level road straight toward a mountain.  At some point on his trip, hemeasures the angle of elevation to the top of the mountain and finds it to be 24° 10′. He... more

The roots of a quadratic equation x^2-8x+c=0 are the same.

find the value of c.


PEMDAS solve (4a+3)(7a+2)


sum, difference, and product of two functions

Suppose that the functions g and h are defined for all real numbers x as follows. g(x)=2x h(x)= 4x^2    Write expressions for  (g + h)(x)= ___ (the "." is supposed to be for... more

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