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Anatomy And Physiology


The atomic number of an atom is determined by the number of what it has

the atomic number of an atom is determined by the number of what
Anatomy And Physiology Anatomy Nursing Nclex


What is acute glomerulonephritis

What is acute glomerulonephritis and how does it differ from nephrotic syndrome?
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NCLEX Question of the Day

A Client is scheduled to have an a transesophageal echocardiogram (TEE). Which of the following is an incorrect understanding by the client about the procedure?A. The test will show the function of... more
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10 anatomy questions

what might a developmental anatomist study?differences in athletest raining at age 18 and age 50how the body decays after deaththe bodys reaction to cold temperatureshow genetic cose is passed down... more
Anatomy And Physiology


Anatomy and Physiology

Which of the following is not a cause of conductive hearing loss?
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Why is ATP an important molecule in metabolism?

a. Its terminal phosphate group contains a strong covalent bond that does not contain much chemical energy b. Its hydrolysis provides an input of free energy for exergonic reactionsc. It provides... more
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PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS!! Fill in the blanks with body parts My ____ is superficial , ventral, and contralateral to my ____.

 I really need help with this!! 
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What feature will you use to identify hyaline cartilage?

a. Densely packed parallel collagen fibersb. Predominantly freely branching elastic fibersc. Scattered cells and fibers in gel-like ground substanced. Glassy-appearing matrix; cells hosted in lacunae
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How to calculate stroke volume, ejection fraction and heart rate for this question?

Q: Assume that one ventricle of a child’s heart has an EDV of 90mL and ESV of 60mL and has a total cardiac output of 2.55L/min. What is the child’s stroke volume, ejection fraction and heart rate? ... more
Anatomy And Physiology


Which hormone increases osteoclast activity to release more calcium ions into the bloodstream?

A) calcitonin B) thyroxine C) parathyroid hormone D) estrogen 
Anatomy And Physiology


Why do pigs have spiral colons and not colons like humans?

So I am writing a conclusion on a fetal pig vs human anatomy and the colons are different (human's frames the small intestines, pancreas, etc. and the pig's is just a spiral shape). Why is it like... more
Anatomy And Physiology


what is the main function of the lymphatic system ?

a. maintaining fluid balance  b. fighting infection  c. cleaning the blood d.making lymph 
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question about hypokalemia/hyperkalemia

this is really confusing me! so say someones TOTAL body potassium were to stay the same but they developed BLOOD hyperkalemia due to something like low insulin levels or acidosis. ultimately the... more
Anatomy And Physiology Spanish Influenza Case Study


5. One of the many immune system functions is to protect individuals from pathogens such as the influenza virus. Explain how innate immunity (non-specific defen

this is a question from the spanish influenza case study assignment that i was given for my anatomy class 
Anatomy And Physiology Anatomy & Physiology


How can I put the following events in order from 1 to 4 ?

Put the following events in order from 1 to 4? __ CNS stops sending impulses to diaphragm and external intercostals. __Prssure gradient results in air flowing out of lungs __ Reduced thoracic... more
Anatomy And Physiology


types of hormones have different methods of getting their chemical messages into a cell. Explain these methods and why the hormones types must use them.

We are learning about the endocrine system in Anatomy and Physiology 2 right now
Anatomy And Physiology


Anatomy Questions

The actions of the _____ group of vertebral column muscles are similar to the erector spinae group of the quadrus lumborum
Anatomy And Physiology


To kick a football, it is necessary to (blank) the thigh and (blank) the leg.

Anatomy question please help
Anatomy And Physiology Anatomy Physiology


Muscles used when doing a push up and when driving a car.

Describe the muscles and muscle actions involved with the process doing “Push-Ups”. (Include the actions of the arms and legs). Now describe the muscles and muscle actions involved with the process... more
Anatomy And Physiology


When does a substance stop moving down its concentration gradient?

When does a substance stop moving down its concentration gradient?
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Why don't beta blockers interfere with skeletal muscle?

Beta blockers are a group of drugs given after an acute myocardial infarction (heart attack) to reduce the sympathetic stimulation of the heart muscle. They work by blocking β1 adrenergic... more

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