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An excess sodium sulfate was added to a 53-ml sample of barium nitrate.

If 3.09 g of ppt was formed, what is the molar concentration of the sample?
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From the following formula of hydrophilic ointment solve for the quantities of each ingredient needed to prepare 5 lb (Avoir) of the ointment. Note: 1 lb = 454 g (avoir)

Methylparaben 0.25 gPropylparaben 0.15 gSodium lauryl sulfate 10 gPropylene glycol 120 gStearyl alcohol 250 gWhite Petrolatum 250 gPurified Water, add 1000 ga) Use Ratio & Proportion for... more
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From the following formula for a progesterone nasal spray, calculate the quantity of each ingredient needed to prepare twenty- four 15-mL containers of the spray.

Progesterone 20 mgDimethyl-b-cyclodextrin 62 mgPurif ed water, ad 1 mL
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From the following formula or 40 sertraline hydrochloride capsules, calculate the quantity o each ingredient needed to prepare 250 such capsules.

(involving reducing and enlarging formula)Sertraline hydrochloride 300 mgSilica gel 6 gCalcium citrate 4 g
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What is the answer in the blank for light liquid and heavy liquid concerning specific gravity and percent error?

The format goes in this:Light liquid- Mineral Oil and Heavy liquid – NaCl soln 20%)250 mL graduated cylinder with the liquid to be tested up to the 200 ml mark.Hydrometer MethodResult: (for light... more


Heart Rate response to beta-blockers in elderly vs adults?

Beta-blockers act by decreasing the heart rate of the patient. Why is this response decreased in the elderly?
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How do drug companies know how to produce a generic drug?

Do the original companies have to reveal their manufacturing process to the public before they sell the drugs and the other companies can copy from them after their patent is expired?
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Does use of NSAIDs prolong recovery time from febrile illness?

My understanding's that fever's an immune system response to pathogens. Would suppression of this response delay time to recovery?
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What resources are available to identify oral medication?

What databases are available to visually identify oral medication found without packaging? Are there different databases for US, European, Far East, etc?
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Is Moderated Caffeine Good? (if so how much and how often)?

I have never engaged in caffeine except in rare circumstance where I take Excedrin due to a headache/migraine. However, after reading about the enhanced mental state from caffeine and trying a cup... more
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What role can a nurse play in ensuring that a correct dose of medication is administered to a patient?

The medication administration process starts with a health care provider (medical doctor, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner) who examines a patient, makes a diagnosis, and then writes... more

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