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What is HIV(Signs/symptoms,treatment)? Are HIV and AIDS interchangeable terms?Explain deeply.

HIV and it's Reproductive Cycle

Hello,I am wondering about HIV and it's reproductive cycle. Is it Lysogenic that subsequently goes through and Lytic cycle? I am wondering if it goes through induction.


Can the RNA in the HIV virus make viral enzymes without entering the nucleus?

If the provirus was not formed yet, can the virus make viral enzymes? (I know that it already has some, but supposing it doesn't)

Why is an HIV infection considered "incurable"?

My biology teacher told me that if one caught HIV, they cannot be cured because it was near to impossible to be completely virus-free. She said this was because HIV keeps on changing its... more

Are homozygous carriers of the CCR5-Δ32 allele fully immune to all known strains of HIV?

Or is there documented evidence of even one homozygous carrier contracting HIV and staying infected?


Having hiv or aids has moral implications ?

Having hiv or aids has mortal implications?

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