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Equations in graphing?

Given the graph of an equations, where would you look on the graph to find the solutions to the equation that goes with the graph?   This word problem was on my test and I got it wrong, I know... more


Graphing help.

I'm decent at math. Although I haven't had a math class since I was a senior in high school, so about three to four years ago. I was on a good pace of figuring this out until last night I messed up... more


The algebra problem example Y=2 is the type of problem is the operations is the reason to solve correctly

y=2/x, y=3x how do you solve the problem, thanks  


graph y=2x+3 in coordinate plane

graph y=2x+3 in coordinate plane


why are the the x intercepts 0,-3 ??? I thought they should be -3,-3

y=3(x+3)squared (dont know how to put sq root in)


y= 25-(x/3)^2 graph 6 points growth or decay, faster linear or slower than linear

y= 25-(x/3)^2 graph 6 points growth or decay, faster linear or slower than linear


the type of boundary line and shading for the graph of the inequality -2x - y >= -8

 y = 2x + 8  I know it's going to be above the line and it is going to be dashed, but I don't know how to find the origin. Does it included the origin or does not include the origin?


if points are (4,a) and (8,3a) and the slope is 1/3 what is a?

That is all the question says. we are working with slope intercept form and standard form and the lessons like that. I just dont get this


need to make graph with dates of occurance on bottom and times of day going up the other side.

will also need to plot second line (like in a scatter plot or line graph). The point is to show the baseline points all Then need to plot times of those days the kid did the behavior. how do i do... more


exponential and linear functions on graph

finding the domain and range on a exponential and linear graph
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