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Transformations Algebra 2


Transformation in absolute function

if f(x)=2|x+5|-3 and g(x)=5f(x) what is the simplified equation for g(x)
Transformations Math Geometry


I'm stuck :( Can someone help me?

Which sequence of transformations will map figure Q onto figure Q′?Two congruent trapezoids figure Q and figure Q prime are drawn on a coordinate grid. Figure Q has vertices at (-9, 2), (-6, 4)... more
Transformations Math Test Preparation


What shape will stay the same no matter how many degrees it is rotated?

Transformations Geometry


urgent math help for homework

What is the algebraic description that describes the translation that maps     onto  ?     (x   , y   )
Transformations Trigonometry


The image of the point (1,-2) after a rotation of -180° about the origin is

Transformations Functions


write an equation for the function whose graph fits the given description.

The graph f(x)=x^2 is shifted 8 units to the left and 5 units downward.
Transformations Algebra 2 Graphing


Write the equation of a line that is perpendicular to y=2/3+5

Transformations Math Precalculus


If f(x) = 1- (1/x), then f(-n) is equal to...?

If f(x) = 1- (1/x), then f(-n) is equal to...?a) f(n)b) 1/(f(n))c) f(-1/n)d) 1/(f(n+1))d) is the correct answer, but how do you get it as the answer?


How to describe the transformation to the base function y=x^

how do you describe the transformations to the base function y=x^ that have been applied to y =-1/7x^+3


translating functions help!

I cant figure this out. it asks if it consists of the points (x,-f(x)), (x,f(-x)), or (f(x),x) and i dont know which one   Let f(x)=−4x−5. Describe the transformations from the graph of f to the... more


Write the quadratic function f(x) = x2 - 5x + 3 in vertex form

how do u go from standard to vertex form
Transformations Math


How can I solve this Laplace transformation?

e4t*t, my professor doesn't know how to solve this problem, and neither do I
Transformations Math Algebra 1


Algebra - Transformations word problem

A scientist sets up a pipette he will use to drip a chemical into a beaker full of water. The concentration of the chemical in the beaker over time is modeled by C(x), where x is time in minutes.... more
Transformations Algebra 1


a student graphed f(x)=x and g(x)=f(x) 3 on the same coordinate grid. Describe, in words, how the graphs of f and g are related.

Transformations, I need help please!!!


Write a rule for g described by the transformation of the graph of f. Then identify the vertex.

f(x)=(x-5)^2-6; horizontal shrink by a factor of 1/3 and a translation 3 units down, followed by a reflection in the x-axis.


if vertex A is located at (-1,2) what are the coordinates of A

ABC is translated 6 units up and and 3 units to the left to create A'B'C  


Describe a transformation that maps f(x) to g(x)

1.   f(x)=x+7; g(x)=(x-1)+7 2.  f(x)= -x-5;  g(x) = -(x-3)-5
Transformations Geometry Geometric Sequence


What is the sequence of transformations that maps △PQR to △P′Q′R

The coordinates of the vertices of △PQR are P(4, −2) , Q(6, −4) , and R(8, 0) .The coordinates of the vertices of △P′Q′R′ are P′(−4, 3) , Q′(−6, 5) , and R′(−8, 1) .A sequence of transformations... more
Transformations Math Geometry


What transformation is represented by the rule (x, y)→(x, y+3)

What transformation is represented by the rule (x, y)→(x, y+3) ?translation 3 units downtranslation 3 units lefttranslation 3 units righttranslation 3 units up
Transformations Algebra Equations


apply the transformation

apply the transformation f(x+2) to f(x)=3x+4


What kind of transformation converts the graph of f(x)=|x+9|+9 into the graph of g(x)=9|x+1|+9?

regarding transformation
Transformations Graphs Functions


Intuition on horizontal stretches and compressions of graphs

Given f(x)=af[b(x-h)]+k, why does the graph stretch horizontally by a factor of 1/b, but not by a factor of b?
Transformations Functions


Converting to standard form function notation

2(y+2)=f(-x) to y=f(x), or isolating y.   If I start by dividing 2 on both sides, does it only account for the y value?
Transformations Algebra 2 Algebra


Transformations Algebra 2 Help

    (1)   Original Equation : S(x)=x^4+2x^3+5   What is the new equation of the original function S(x) if its transformation is Dilation (reduced)?   (2)   Original Equation:... more
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