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Graphing lines

Graph the following linear equations and give their equations in the form y = ax+b. When given y = ax+b, plot the point (0,b), then plot a second point by adding (0,b) + (q,p), where slope = a =... more


Help! Dependant and independent variable??

which of these would be the dependant and independent variable? Thanks :)   World record time (in seconds) Year record was set (in years)


Sketch the curve of y=|15-4x-4x^2|

Sketch the curve of y=|15-4x-4x^2|. If possible with detailed workings? Thanks


Write an equation in point-slope form, and find which high marker he will pass 90 minutes after crossing Sandy River.

Michael was driving at a constant speed of 60 mph when he crossed the Sandy River. After 1 hour, he passed a highway marker of mile 84. Write an equation in point-slope form, and find which high... more


How to graph a line?

How to you graph a line which passes through the point (5, 2/3)


How do you find the slope intercept form

y= -x +1 I have a x and y table.     That is the problem that  i need to solve. Could someone help me figure it out asap.

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