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How do i write the composite transformed function as a normal function/equation

g(x)=1.157^(0.9x+5.5) h(x)=g(1.022x+7.6)+55   Could someone please help me rewrite the equation of h(x)?
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finding slope

Find y if the line through (5, 4) and (9, y) has a slope of 3. y= ?
Graphs Of Functions Domain And Range


What is the domain and range of {(12,2);(11,10);(18,0);(19,1);(13,4)}

I am really have trouble with this problem , and can not find a way to figure the problem out . I have tried and tried , but I still can’t figure it out . I am in desperate help.
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Intuition on horizontal stretches and compressions of graphs

Given f(x)=af[b(x-h)]+k, why does the graph stretch horizontally by a factor of 1/b, but not by a factor of b?
Graphs Of Functions Integers


Find three even integers

 Find three consecutive even integers, such that 7 times of first integers Is 14 more than the sum of second and third integer


Algebra II HW Questions (Please show step by step and explain)

4. Graph the area bounded by  y< 1/2x+6, X+3y>=12,  X>=0 and x<=12   part i. graph the bounded by X>=0 and x<=12. shade the region that satisfies both inequalites    part ii.... more
Graphs Of Functions


Determine if graphs of functions

Determine if the following curves are graphs of functions:    x=2             l  l           l  l  _____ l_l_____  (graph is one vertical line to the right of the origion) I tried to mimic... more
Graphs Of Functions


find the value p(q(2))

the graphs of p(x) and q(x) are shown y=p(x) y=q(x)  the answer is multiple choice what were the steps to finding the value 
Graphs Of Functions Derivatives


Derivatives & the Shapes of Graphs

1. Answer the questions below based on the following information about the function f . You must justify youranswers.(i) The function f is continuous and differentiable for all values of x.(ii)... more
Graphs Of Functions Graphs Functions


Which of the following represents the graph of f(x) = 2x + 3 ?

Which of the following represents the graph of f(x) = 2x + 3 ?Select one: A. graph begins in the second quadrant near the line equals negative 3 and increases slowly while crossing the ordered... more
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4 questions about functions

1. The number of milligrams of a drug that remains in a patient's system after t hours is given by the function A(t) = Iert. Ted was given 200 milligrams of medicine which leaves his bloodstream at... more
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Sketch the graph of g(x)=arcsinx where g(x) is the inverse of f(x)=Sinx

So I'm given a graph where I am supposed to sketch/plot this and I have no idea as to how to go about it. If someone can guide me, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!  
Graphs Of Functions



estimate the zeros of the given function to the nearest hundreth

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