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TELEPHONE A cell phone company charges $40 per month plus $2 for each minute of time used out of the service area.

A cell phone company charges $40 per month plus $2 for each minute of time used out of the service area. Write the equation that describes the amount y that a cell phone user would pay if they used... more


i need to define graphs with words but i have a spelling disability is there a easier way?

i had to use lots of auto correct for all of is can't use a computer for math


how do you know when a point in a graph is corresponding to an ordered pair?

For example, point D is (-5,0) what corresponding point is corresponding to point D  


Identify the change in the parent function that will produce the related function

f(x)=x2 g(x)=-(x-3)2-2


Intuition on horizontal stretches and compressions of graphs

Given f(x)=af[b(x-h)]+k, why does the graph stretch horizontally by a factor of 1/b, but not by a factor of b?


Equation for line L

Write an equation for line L in point-slope form and slope-intercept form. L is perpendicular to y=5x. Lines intersect at (-1,-5).


Algebra 2 Homework Help with Explanation and Answer Please

Part I : The graph of F(x), shown below, resembles the graph of , but it has been flipped over the x-axis,stretched vertically by a factor of 3, shifted down 4 units, and left 1 unit.Part II :... more


Find all points on the​ x-axis that are 16 units from the point (5, −8).

Thanks for the help :- )


The graphs f(x) and g(x) are shown below:

The graphs of f(x) and g(x) are shown below: F(x) is a parabola with a minimum of -12, and its zeros are -3 and 4. G(x) is a straight line and the y-intercept is 0.4. It intercepts f(x) at (-3.8,... more



Find the vertical and horizontal asymptotes of the hyperbola y= (x-2)/(x-4) and hence sketch the graph.


What is Serena's per hour payment?

serena is the manager of the coffee shop. The amount of money she earns is represented by the equation m=12h, where h is the number of hours Serena works, and m is the amount of money she earns.... more


calculate ?the ?area ?of ?a ?triangle ?bounded ?by y = 0 y , y = x y x , x = 4

This has to do with linear graphs and functions but i don't understand how y can= 0 and x if x=4


Container for cake boxe

Container for cake pieces )A manafacture supplies bakery treats with closed boxes . A right prism of height h cm. The cross section is a sector of a circle with radius r cm and angle 1 radian the... more


5 questions on graphs and functions

1. If a function is multiplied by a coefficient, what will happen to the graph of the function? 2. What does multiplying x by a number greater than one create? 3. What happens when we multiply x... more


I need help coming up with the formula, below is the word problem. Thank you for the help!

Acme Business Company has two skill levels of production workers. A level I worker is paid $10.60 an hour and produces 15 items per hour. The level II worker is paid $14.25 per hour and produces 22... more


Study Guide Math Problem... HELP!

A survey about the student government program at a school finds the following result:  190 students like the program  135 students dislike the program  220 students plan on running for student... more


Graphs ...

write down the equations of the lines that are parallel to:     a) 2y=5x+7, passing through (0,-3.5)   b) 7x+6y=13, passing through (6,7)    thanks!    


About Graphs

Write down the equations of the lines with a gradient of 1/4, passing through (4,2)



there is a graph that shows how the depth of a submarine increased as it dove beneath the ocean surface. Point x represents the time in seconds and point y represents the depth in meters. The graph... more


Why is there no x in the equation of a horizontal line? why is there no y in the equation of a vertical line?

Still don't understand after class. 


which of these equations are linear functions that go through the point (0,6)? Explain your reasoning.

y= 6x  y=x squared +6 y +x+6 y+2x+6  this is my home work that i have no clue how to do and nobody at school can help me.


how long will it take to save 10.00?

Everyday on her way home from school, Jen used $1 to buy a bag of chips. The chips cost $0.75 and she saves the remaining quarter in her change jar. Jen buys 5 bags of chips per week. At this rate... more


How do you workout these following equations of the sides of a quadrilateral?

AB:y=-x/4+5 BC:x=0 CD:y=-2x+2 AD:y=3/4x-4/3


how to plot these following rules into a graph

1.y=x^2-3 2.y=(x-1)^2+1 3.y=-x^3 4.y=x^4

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