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need to make graph with dates of occurance on bottom and times of day going up the other side.

will also need to plot second line (like in a scatter plot or line graph). The point is to show the baseline points all Then need to plot times of those days the kid did the behavior. how do i do this?connected, then another points connected after the behavioral intervention (to compare both on the same graph if possible). I have microsoft word or excel. Can you explain how to do this simply since i do not know much about graphing on the computer. thanks. also, if its easier i think i'm allowed to do a bar graph instead, but the teacher prefers line graph or scatter plot.

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Using Word 2007 Click INSERT Click CHART A pop-up box will come up (on left column) Click LINE (on the right) Click: I like the one WITH MARKERS, but up to you, make sure you choose one that has more than one line as an option Click OK You should have a graph and excel sheet pop up. Your x-axis are currently: categories Your y-axis are currently: just numbers On the excel sheet: Change the names of the categories to: behavior 1, behavior 2, etc. by selecting the box in excel and just typing in what you want it to say Change the Series to: baseline and post intervention Input the time data in military time, so pm = 1300, 1400, etc. This is just a starting point. I think once you get started you will be able to make any further adjustments you need/prefer. Name things however you want, I was just generically working here. Good Luck