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Modulus Math Logic Theory


Split down a number in seconds to days, hours, minutes, and seconds?

I've heard that it's possible to accomplish this using the modulus `%` operator present in most programming languages. The real question is, how? I'm unfamiliar with how modulus works, so I've had... more
Modulus Algebra 2


Modulus of real numbers

2-------- >1 |x-4|

Domain of the function f given by f(x) = 2 – |x – 5| is

It is taken from the chapter "relations and functions" from class 11th. This questions also have options i.e.,  a) R^+ b) R - {5} c) R - {-5} d) R 


(((63 * 63) + (x * 63 + 3 * 63) + (3 * x)) mod 63) = 63

This is a problem I saw while browsing around, I have no idea what the answer is and I am quite intrigued to find out.


Modulus Problem

What is the remainder when 252015 is divided by 18?
Modulus Maths


Inequality absolute value function

The question is |x|<2/x   When x>0 X^2<2   X belongs to (0,sqrt2)   When x<0  Then x^2> - 2 Which is true for all values of x So in this case x belongs to (-infinity,... more

Absolute value function, modulus function

|x|+|y| = |x+y| then xy>0 |x|-|y|  =|x-y| then xy < 0   Can you please explain the above absolute value function properties and give some examples on the same 


Proove that

10! ≡ -1(mod11)


Sketch the curve of y=|15-4x-4x^2|

Sketch the curve of y=|15-4x-4x^2|. If possible with detailed workings? Thanks


Find all integer m ..

Find all integer m such that 1848 Ξ 1914 (mod m) ? Explain.


Modulus and power functions

The rates of return from firms A, B and C are x%, y% and 5% respectively. Firm A's rate differs from firm B's rate by half the difference in the rates between firm B and firm C. Find the possible... more

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