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Kinematics Science Physics


Angular Kinematics

Hello, I am struggling in my science class and I'm not sure how to do the unit we are on so I was wondering if someone could give me the answers and how to solve them so I can do better. Thank you!... more
Kinematics Science Physics


Angular Kinematics

Hello, I am struggling in my science class and I'm not sure how to do the unit we are on so I was wondering if someone could give me the answers and how to solve them so I can do better. Thank you!... more


1-D Kinematics of Particles

Particle 𝐴, which is initially at rest, wants to meet Particle 𝐵, however they are 𝑋𝑌𝑍 ft away from one another. The motion of particle 𝐴 heading toward 𝐵 is defined by the relation: 𝑠 = 1/𝑎2 where... more
Kinematics Physics


Kinematics Equation

A ball rolling down a hill was displace 5 m while uniformly accelerating from rest. If the final velocity was 20 m/s. What was the rate of acceleration?Your answer


Falling and bouncing ball problem

I have this interesting physics problem I can't solve. Could you please explain it in simple terms?A small ball thrown vertically down from height of 4,9 m with initial speed of 9,8 m/s hit a... more
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Physics Energy Question

A 5.0 kg crate is pushed across a horizontal surface by a 60.0 N force directed 32°C below the horizontal. Determine the work done on the crate by this force after the crate moves 8.0 m.

How far will the cheetah need to run to catch the horse?

 A horse runs by a cheetah at a top speed of 21 m/s. A cheetah notices the horse and stands up after 1 s. The cheetah then immediately speeds up with a constant acceleration of 9 m/s2 to catch the... more


Will the driver get wet?

1.   A convertible with its top down drives towards the entrance of an underground garage at a velocity of 24 km/h. A window cleaner directly above the entrance drops a bucket of water. If the... more
Kinematics Physics


Kinematics Question

  A parachutist jumps from a height of 3.1 x103 m and free-falls for 10 s. She then opens her parachute and for the next 20 s slows down with an acceleration of -4.5 m/s2. After that she falls the... more
Kinematics Physics


Kinematics gives a different answer?.

An object starts rotating 200° in 5 seconds,finding angular acceleration, two methods i have tried:ω=Δθ/Δt=200°/5=40deg/s,a=Δω/Δt=40/5=8deg/s^2Second method:Δθ=1/2(ωi+ωf)Δt, 200°=(1/2)... more
Kinematics Physics


In physics, how do you create a velocity time graph from a position time graph?

I need to know just how to do it, whether if its using a formula or changing something. This is basic physics, so no calculus involved.
Kinematics Equation Graph Velocity


Kinematics problem for an object

While solving kinematics problem for the motion of an object, a student obtained thefollowing result: a = k –bv, where, a is acceleration, v is speed and k and b are positiveconstant. Given that at... more
Kinematics Physics


Please help me solve the second distance.

A drag racer can reach a speed of 53m/s over a distance of 120m. Over what distance can iy reach a speed of 85m/s?


Has a body angular momentum and torque only in a circular path?

In different contexts, my book(**Principles of Physics** by Resnick, Halliday ,Walker) , they wrote > For torque, the path need no longer be a circle and we must write the torque as a vector... more


what is the initial speed of the ball when it is projected into the air

A small ball is projected vertically upwards from a height of 3 meters above the groundThe ball hits the ground 2 seconds laterIf air resistance is negligible and the acceleration due to gravity is... more


Compute the acceleration of the two cars after collision

Car A was stopped when Car B hit Car A from behind The two cars lock together and skid for 10 m before coming to a rest The mass of Car A is 1800kg and the mass of Car B is 1200kg The coefficient... more
Kinematics Science Physics Equation


Kinematics - Using equations

A bicycle travelling at 5ms^-1 undergoes uniform acceleration and travels a distance of 600m in 20s.Calculate:a) accelerationb) velocity at the end of 20s
Kinematics Physics


Two Toy Cars Are Rolling On Adjacent Straight Tracks

At t = 0, one toy car is set rolling on a straight track with initial position 14.0 cm, initial velocity −3.3 cm/s, and constant acceleration 2.70 cm/s2. At the same moment, another toy car is set... more
Kinematics Physics


Kinematics Question

Two stones are released simultaneously: one at the top of a building and the other at the base of the building. The height of the building is 21 metres. The stone at the top of the building is... more


motion of a particle is x=(6t-3)(t^2+1) where x is in meters and t is in seconds. what is the instantaneous velocity of the particle at time equals 3 seconds

the motion of the particle is given by x=(6t-3)(t^2+1)


A man goes from A to B at 40 km/ hr speed and returns from B to A at 60 km/ hr speed . Find average speed??

I’m getting  confused 


Deceleration to equal position and velocity

Hi guys!I have a interesting math problem and I am by no means a math expert! So if i have one vehicle traveling at 120 km/h or 33.333 m/s, and another vehicle traveling at 84 km/h or 23.333 m/s... more

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