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I need this today, sorry, also having trouble finding domain

Find f + g, f - g, fg, and f/g. Determine the domain for each function.f(x)= square root of x; g(x)= x-18
Composite Functions Precalculus


Composite Function Precalculus

Find two functions f and g such that (f ∘ g)(x) = h(x). (There are many correct answers. Use non-identity functions for f(x) and g(x).) h(x) = −x2 + 4 3 − x2
Composite Functions


Composite funtions

Given: g(x)=x^2+x-1, (fOg)(x)=x^4+2x^3-3x^2-4x+6 what does f(x)=___________________?
Composite Functions


How do i solve this problem f(g(5)) ?

given f(x) = 2x+5 g(x) = 6x-3 h(x)= 4x^2+3 m(x)= 5x
Composite Functions Graphs Functions Graphs Of Functions


How do i write the composite transformed function as a normal function/equation

g(x)=1.157^(0.9x+5.5) h(x)=g(1.022x+7.6)+55   Could someone please help me rewrite the equation of h(x)?
Composite Functions


Composite inverse function solving

Use the functions f(x) = x + 5 and  g(x) = 4x − 6 to find the function. (f ∘ g)−1
Composite Functions Algebra 2 Algebra Functions


g(n) = 3n + 2,f(n) =2n^2 + 5,find (g o f)(2)

g(n) = 3n + 2  f(n) = 2n2 + 5   find (g o f)(2)
Composite Functions


if f(x)= x^3 then f(x^5) = x^8

f(x^5) = x^8 f(x) (x^5)/ x^5 = x^8/x^5 f(x)= x^3   does my logic hold?
Composite Functions Algebra Domain


Composite Functions & Domains

f(x)= (x+3)/(x^2-4x-5) and (x)=(square root of(2-x))   Algebraically determine the domain of f(x)/g(x).   If you could provide a detailed explanation of how this would be done it would be... more
Composite Functions Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Trigonometry


given h(x)=1/2x^2-10. Evaluate h(2x+1).

Answers:   1. 2x^2+2x-10   2. 2x^2-2x-9.5   3. 2x^2+2x+19/2   4. 2x^2+2x-19/2    
Composite Functions


composite functions

find (gof)(x) given g(x)=x2 and f(x)=2x-1
Composite Functions


multiply x+2 by x+2 is equal to?

     x+2 x    x+2  
Composite Functions Calculus Calculus 1


If h(x)=f(g(x))*g(x), then h'(1/2)= ?

If h(x)=f(g(x))*g(x), then h'(1/2)= ? Calculus, no calculator question.
Composite Functions


composite functions

let f(x)=sqrtx-1 and g(x)=1/x find f(f(x)) find the domain of (g(f(x))
Composite Functions


Composite Function: For the given functions f and g, find the requested composite function value.

 For the given functions f and g, find the requested composite function value.f(x) = 3x + 9, g(x) = -2/x; Find (g  f)(3).   Please step by step instructions
Composite Functions


I have to solve for the domain of (f-g)(5)f(x) = 9 + (9/x)g(x) = (9/x)

I need help in solving (f-g)(5) and finding the domain. I also need to solve (f/g)(9) and find the domain.

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