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Trigonometric Equations

Using inverse trigonometric functions, find a solution to the equation  cos(x)=.7 in the interval 0 to 4pi. Then, use a graph to find all other solutions to this equation in this interval. Enter... more


Solving Trigonometric Equations

 Find all solutions to the equation with . Give an exact answer if possible, otherwise give value(s) of  accurate to at least four decimal places.4tan(a)+9=7I found the arctan of -1/2, (2.6779) but... more


equations inequalities

when bob got out of math class, he had to make a long-distance call. he had exactly enough dimes and quarters to make a phone call that would cost $2.55. he has one fewer quarters than he had... more


System of equations

A store orders flour that comes in 5-pound bags let x represent the number of 5-pound bags the store orders. The number of 25-pound bags of flour the store orders is 40 more than half the number of... more


Hotkey for insert equation to word 2010?

It's not so convenient to go to insert --> equation --> insert new equation everytime you want to create a new one. I guess there must be some hotkey to insert an inline equation at the... more


What are the solutions to the equation?

What are the solutions to the equation: 4x^2*y^2+z^4+sqrt(3x^2*y-6x^2)+16=7z^2+4xyz


5x − 5 = x + 15

how do you do this? i know how but this one is confusing.


math is hard...

what equation has no solution?4(x + 1) = 2x + 4 or 9 - 5x +2 = 4 - 5x


Pre-calculus math

A crate has the shape of a rectangular prism. The area of the base of the crate is 252 square inches. The length of the crate is 4 inches greater than the width. The height is 2 inches less than... more


what is the answer to a/14=6.8


what is a/14=6.8

A = 6.814


what's the equation for this?

19 less than a number is the same as the sum of half the number and six. What is the number?


solving and creating equations

Two times the difference between a number and seven is twelve.


4y-16.3=53.1 solve equation


Creating and solving simple equations 2

Eric And Charlotte collect donations for the food bank. Charlotte collected 3 times the amount of Eric’s donations plus $20.00
1 3 5 6 7 37

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