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A ladder 20 meters long leans against a wall. If the bottom of the ladder is being pushed towards the wall at tge rate of 20 m/min.

A ladder 20 meters long leans against a wall. If the bottom of the ladder is being pushed towards the wall at tge rate of 20 m/min, how fast is tge top of the ladder moving up the wall when the... more


A large school district has four high schools with enrollments as shown. 40 school buses need to be allocated to the high schools. Determine how many buses are allocated to each of the high schools

Solve the problem with: Hamilton and Jefferson's Method of Apportionment. School RRHS CCHS HHHS MHS Total Enrollment 738 851 1234 982 3805


Finding the equation and solution of the given.

Length of the major axis is 10, the foci are on the x-axis, the ellipse passes through the point ( √5, 2).


trigonometry (proven question)

cos2 (x/2) = (tanx + sinx) / 2 tanx


If cos^2sin^4x= A+Bcos2x+Ccos4x+Dcos2xcos4x, then A= B= C= D=

Please tell me how you got it by showing steps!! what does A, B, C, and D equal in the second equation?
Solving Algebra 1


The sum of two numbers is 42 and the difference is 20


How do you solve sinx=-0.44?

How do you solve this trigonometric equation algebraically with intervals of 0°≤x≤360° sin(x-15)=-0.44


Math Project Solving

At a supermarket that sells fruit by the pound, one person bought 3 lb of oranges and 6 lb of grapefruitfor a total of $6, while a second person paid $6.40 for 5 lb of oranges and 4 lb of... more


How do you solve 2cosx sin^2x =cosx over domain 3pi < or = to x < or = to 4pi (need to give exact answers)

I've been stuck on this question ugh


How much is left from his weekly allowance to put away from savings?

Miguel's weekly allowance is ¥500. Weekly, he spends ¥120 on food, ¥115 on transportation, and ¥130 on supplies. How much is left from his weekly allowance to put away from savings?


Worked hours

Two mechanics worked on a car. The first mechanic charged $65 per hour, the second mechanic charged $80 per hour. The mechanics worked for a combined total of 25 hours, and together they charged a... more

125^x + 5^(3x+1) = 400

I've been stuck on this forever. I don't understand how to solve it with multiple terms with different bases. I have to solve for x


Solve the following trigonometric equations

Solve the following trigonometric equations   (a) 2 cos θ +√3 = 0, 0 ≤ θ ≤ 2π     (b) tan x = √2sinx, 0 ≤ x ≤ 2π   (c) sec 2 x−1 = 0, 0 ≤ x ≤ 2π   (d) 2sin2 x−sin x−1 = 0, −2π ≤ x ≤ 2π
Solving Physics Algebra


Help with pendulum problem

The period of a pendulum is the time required for it to make one complete swing back and forth. The formula of the period P of a pendulum is P = 2(pi) times the square root of l over 32, where l is... more
Solving Algebra Equations


Help solving these equations?

The formula for the kinetic energy of a moving object is E = 1/2mv, where E is the kinetic energy in joules, m is the mass in kilograms, and v is the velocity in meters per second.   1- solve the... more


how to solve?

(2x^2)^3 the answer was 8x^6. How do you solve it? I'm  confused.
Solving Math Integers


For how many integers n is 3 < 5n-1 < 13?

I got 4/5 < n < 14/5, but the answer choices only have from one to five. I am confused, please help.   Thank you.


2/3 ÷ 5/12

what is 2/3 ÷ 5/12 =


express this algebraically

example  the sum of x and y equals 3 more than z . Expressed algebraically= x + y = z + 3 Help! :( 1. simple interest is the product of "p" dollars, "r" percent interest, and "t" years. 2. the... more


Problem Solving

The larger of two numbers is two more than three times the smaller.And when the larger number is subtracted from the smaller, the result is -16. What are the two numbers.
Solving Word Problem


FInding Per Hour: Solving

Tyler starts walking at 2 miles per hour. An hour later, Nadine starts jogging along same route at 6 miles per hour. How long will it take Nadine to catch up with Tyler?

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