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C + O2 ⟶ CO2 Calculate the enthalpy for the equation above.

I  don't understand enthalpy? could someone help


Energy lost to heat

In an attempt for a physics teacher to explain the conservation of energy to a student, the teacher goes down a 6.0 m high sliding board. At the bottom, he only travels 7.0 m/s. If the mass of the... more


Heat Equation

How much heat energy is required to completely change 25 grams of ice at 0 degree Celsius to water and raise the temperature to body temperature (37 degree Celsius)?


Waves and energy

"When you speak to someone, the air molecules travel from your voice box into the person's ear, thus carrying the sound wave to them."   Is the above statement correct? Explain your... more


How much weight x at 1 ft. high off the ground with gravity 32 ft./s squared would it take to produce 1 Kw hour of electricity

How much weight in pounds would it take to generate 1 Kw of electricity if the weight were suspended off the ground (Potential Energy) with the force of gravity pulling the weight downward turning... more
Energy Efficiency


need help in this question

Imagine that you are working as a roller coaster designer. You want to build a record-breaking coaster thatgoes 70 m/sec at the bottom of the first hill. You estimate that the efficiency of the... more
Energy Efficiency


need help in this question

A 1000 kilogram roller coaster goes down a hill that is 90 meters tall. Its speed at the bottom is 40 m/sec. a. What is the efficiency of the roller coaster? Assume it starts from rest at the top... more
Energy Physics Work Power


Work energy Power doubt

An object of mass m, initially at rest under the action of a constant force F attains a velocity v in time t. Then the average power is supplied to mass is ?


Red light has a longer wavelength than blue light. - Answer questions, Explain Please

Red light has a longer wavelength than blue light.   Which of these colors has the higher frequency?   Which of these colors has the higher energy?


Amount of ATP generated from glucose metabolism in the liver and muscle tissue. Show working out. HOW?

Glucose can be metabolised through glycolysis, the citric acid cycle and oxidative phosphorylation to produce energy for the body in the form of ATP. Calculate the net number of ATP that can be... more


So the question is....   How many Joules of energy will be needed to heat 128.0g of water 0.00 degrees Celsius to 283.08 degrees K.   I keep getting 5320 J while my friends say that it is... more


Dynamics work and energy

why are there different formulas used for work-energy in dynamics?


Temperature related doubts

if a refrigerator works between the temperature 4c &30c and 600 calories of heat is released then how to calculate work in joules ?


Bungee jumping and energy transfers

On the sheet I have it shows a diagram of a bungee jumper at three different positions: waiting to jump (position 1), at E point where the bungee rope is fully unwound and about to start stretching... more


State of Matter Change

State Change: Liquid to Solid. Name: Freezing. Energy: Less. Particle Motion: Slower. Heat: Released.   State Change: Gas to Liquid.    State Change: Gas to Solid.   State Change: Solid to... more
Energy Work Power


What is the change in gravitational potential energy, in Joules?

A 20.0 kg box slides up a 12.0 m long incline at an angle of 30.0 degrees with the horizontal. A force of 150 N is applied to the box to pull it up the incline. The applied force makes an angle of... more

Fill in the Blank: Potential Energy

A 0.50-kg sphere at the top of an incline has a potential energy of 8.0 joules relative to the base of the incline. Rolling halfway down the incline will cause the sphere's potential energy to be... more


Electric potential energy? Capacitance?

a. Calculate the electric potential energy stored in a 1.7 × 10–11 F capacitor that stores 3.40 × 10–10 C of charge at 20.0 V.   b. Calculate the capacitance of a system that stores 8.0 × 10–10 C... more


Input and Output Energy

A light bulb has output energy of light and heat. List five other appliances. For each appliance, the input energy is electrical. What is output energy?


How much less, and what becomes of this energy?

Consider the elastic collision between two freight cars in figure 3.9. The momentum before and after the Collision is the same. The KE, however, is less after the Collision than before. How much... more


Rearrange Q=mC?t to solve for m,c,?t

Hi, I need help re arranging the equation. Thanks. 


Help explaining physics

Question: As the speed of a bicycle moving along a level horizontal surface changes from 2 m/s to 4 m/s, the magnitude of the bicycle's:   Multiple Choice: a. total energy remains the same b.... more


Is sound energy renewable or non-renewable?

Is sound energy renewable or non-renewable?

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