Ster R.

asked • 03/02/20

Which of the following are identical amounts of energy?

1kJ and 1 kcal

1kJ and 239 cal

1kJ and 1 Cal

4.184 J and 1 kcal

Eli T.

4.184 Joules (J) is equal to 1 calorie (Cal). Knowing this, we can rule out the last pair because 1 kCal is not equal to 1 Cal. We can then test whether the other three pairs are equal amounts by converting 1kJ to Cal: 1kJ*(1000 J/1kJ) = 1000 J -> 1000 J*(1 Cal/4.184 J) = 239 Cal Out of the first three pairs, only the second pair is a correct unit conversion, i.e. identical amounts of energy. The answer is that only 1kJ and 239 Cal are identical amounts of energy.


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