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Heat Energy Science


When does the transfer of heat energy stop?

Heat Energy Endothermicr Eaction


When the reactants get colder in an endothermic reaction, what has happened to the heat energy?

When the reactants get colder in an endothermic reaction, what has happened to the heat energy?
Heat Energy Science Physics Energy


what will be the temperature difference between the water at the top and the bottom of the falls?

A waterfalls is 90m high. Assume that all of the potential energy possessed by the water at the top is completely converted to heat energy. What will be the temperature difference between the water... more
Heat Energy


A) the total amount of charge transferred between the cloud and the ground; B) the current in the lightning bolt; C) the average power delivered

A typical lightning strike can transfer 109 J of energy across a potential difference of 5×107 V during a time interval of 0.2 s. Use this information to estimate:


Energy lost to heat

In an attempt for a physics teacher to explain the conservation of energy to a student, the teacher goes down a 6.0 m high sliding board. At the bottom, he only travels 7.0 m/s. If the mass of the... more


Calculating Enthalpy in a Calorimeter Experiment

When 25.0 mL of 1.0 M H2SO4 is added to 50.0mL of 1.0M of NaOH at 25.0 degrees C in a calorimeter, the temperature of the aqueous solution increases to 33.9 degrees C. Assuming that the specific... more
Heat Energy Science Biology Physics


Really need clarification for this.

in a thermal pot, there is a layer of vacuum in the outer wall, an inner pot lid and an outer pot lid.    Please help me to clarify these questions:     1. Does hot food radiate heat? Or does... more
Heat Energy Physics Mass Degrees


Heat transfer between metal and water, what amount of water is boiled?

You place a very hot piece of aluminum (T=120 degrees C, c=900 J/(kg*degrees C) into a 500ml beaker of water that is already at an initial temperature of 90.0 degrees C. The mass of this piece of... more


Wha is the final temperature of this mixture?

I'm reviewing some practice thermodynamics questions for my upcoming physics exam but I can't figure out how to set these up properly.   1. If you mix two parts hot 80° C water with one part 10°... more
Heat Energy



Explain briefly about convection and radiation        
Heat Energy Chemistry Chemistry Lab


Chemistry problem please help!

If a cup of tea (190.0 ml, 86.0 celcius) is cooled by adding an ice cube (30.0 g, -10.0 celcius), what is the final temperature of the tea? The heat required to melt ice (heat of fusion) is 80.0 cal/g more
Heat Energy Chemistry Chemistry Lab


Chemistry problem energy, I don't know where to start!

A metal sample weighing 220. g is heated to 95.0 Celsius and then placed into 190. ml of water at 46.6 celcius. the final temperature of the water is 51.6 celcius. How much heat was transferred... more
Heat Energy Chemistry


If the avg sea ice thickness is 1.8m at the start of melt season what is total volume of ice (in cm3) that melted during summer melt season?

Table 1 Arctic Sea Ice Loss During the 2014 Arctic Melt Season   Date                                    Event                             Sea Ice Coverage  21 March 2014            Sea Ice... more
Heat Energy Physics Energy Powers


Express your answer in kWh/d.

How much power is required to cool a house to 22oC on a 40oC day if the "leakiness" (heat-loss coefficient) of the house is 3.6 kWh/d/oC? You may assume that the air-conditioner cooling the house... more
Heat Energy


heat energy

  1.  heat energy can be measured in   a.  joules b.  calories c.  "C"alories    Calories d.  all of theses     thanks

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