Craster V.

asked • 12/15/20

Conservation of Energy

The potential energy function of a conservative force acting on an object is given by the expression


where U is in joules and x, y, z are in meters. Consider the following two points in space:

A=(1 m,1 m,1 m);

B=(2 m,2 m,2 m);

(a) Find the value of the force F that acts when the object is at the point A.

(b) Suppose that the object moves from A to B along some unspecified path. What is the work done by the force during that motion?

(c) Suppose that the only force that acts on the object is this conservative force. Find the changes in the kinetic energy, ΔK, and the total mechanical energy, ΔE of the object for the motion in part (b).

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Daniel B. answered • 12/16/20

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Craster V.

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