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Compare momentum of different moving objects

Two objects of the same volume, one is made of steel, the other is made of lead, are moving with the same velocity. Compare their momentum. The answer: the momentum of the lead object is 1.5 times... more


Find momentum given a motion equation

Given a motion equation x=5-8t+4t2, and the object of 2 kg mass, find its momentum after 2 s and 4 s. What is the average force?Answers: 16 kg*m/s, 48 kg*m/s, 16 N

Question on Dynamics. Finding the force

A man of 75kg is standing in the basket of a hot-air balloon. The balloon is rising at 5ms-1 and 4s later it is descending at 3ms-1. Assuming constant acceleration, find the normal contact force of... more


Push away problem

An 80 kg astronaut floating in space is 30 m away from his spaceship. He wants to return to his spaceship in 10 s. With how much speed must he throw his 2 kg space hammer, directly away from the... more
Dynamics Physics


At what time does the particle turn around (the turning points)?

Given s = s(t) with an initial condition s(0) = 0. It’s velocity versus potion is described by the equation v = s2 + 1. At what time (s), if any, does the particle turn around (the turning points)?

Basic Physics (Newton's First Law of Motion / Dynamics)

Please do provide me a clear and detailed step-by-step solution and a final answer.A block is suspended from a rope tied to two other ropes. One rope is horizontally attached to a wall and the... more


Momentum and kinetic energy

It is known that the momentum of the object is 8 kg*m/s and the kinetic energy is equal to 16 J. What is the mass and velocity of the object?


Which of these units are equal in this situation

Two objects of different mass are being pushed to opposite sides by a compressed string. Which of these units are equal in this situation.a) accelerations; b) velocities; c) distances d) forces... more


Find mass when knowing distance

A toy truck from starting position within a certain time moved 60 cm. After adding 200 g mass weight onto the truck, the truck during the same amount of time moved 20 cm. Find the mass of the toy... more


Physics problem, find acceleration

A car is dragging an empty trailer with a1=0.4 m/s^2, a full trailer with a2=0.1 m/s^2. Find acceleration a3 when the car is dragging an empty and a full trailers together? The correct answer is... more


Acceleration and force

A 5 kg mass object is moving with an acceleration of 2 m/s^2. After 4 s from the start of the observation, its measured velocity was 12 m/s. What is the force acting on the body? (Answer 10 N)I... more


should we not consider the force required to cause the static friction for car going on a curve with the help of friction?

in university physics book i found that frictional force(static) was causing an acceleration of magnitude enough to cause it to go in curve path and we took out the max velocity allowed but... more


1-D Kinematics of Particles

Particle 𝐴, which is initially at rest, wants to meet Particle 𝐡, however they are π‘‹π‘Œπ‘ ft away from one another. The motion of particle 𝐴 heading toward 𝐡 is defined by the relation: 𝑠 = 1/π‘Ž2 where... more


Fountain physics problem

Water from a large cylinder is coming to the fountain. The cylinder has a hole of diameter d=2 cm through which the water comes up. The water is coming at a speed of 12 m/s.I need solutions for... more
Dynamics Physics Mechanics


Cylinder physics problem

A horizontal cylinder with volume V is filled with water and stopped up with a piston. On another end of the cylinder there is a small hole whose cross-section's area s is much smaller than the... more


Physics Energy Question

A 5.0 kg crate is pushed across a horizontal surface by a 60.0 N force directed 32Β°C below the horizontal. Determine the work done on the crate by this force after the crate moves 8.0 m.


Equation of Motion for a weighted vertical spring

A spring-mass system (below) is initially at rest. If mass m is excitedby a sinusoidal force p(t) = P sin Ο‰t, what is the response x(t), t β‰₯ 0? Assume that m = 1 kg, k = 100 N/m, P = 5 N, and Ο‰ = 2... more

Moment of Inertia

So I have had these questions confusing me for some time and tried googling but came up with long , hard-to-understand equations and notations and articles. So I would be glad if someone could... more

Coefficient of Static Friction Physics Problem

A box that weighs 50 N is pulled by a force of 10 N. The coefficient of static friction between the box and the ground is 0.5. Describe what will happen to the box? Will it start moving? Will it... more

Moving Elevator Physics Problem

An elevator is suspended by a cable and the elevator weighs 5500 N. The elevator moves upward with an acceleration of 4 m/s2. Find the tension in the supporting cable. * Use 10 m/s2 for the... more


If a ball moves along a curved path the path of the radius of curvature of 5m and the mass of the ball is 10 kg.What should be the velocity of the ball if the force along the normal direction is 18 N?

Dynamics. See title above for question. Looking for specific answer and/or method of solving.If a ball moves along a curved path the path of the radius of curvature of 5m and the mass of the ball... more

Are the "polar vortex" and "cut-off lows" over/near the Great Lakes new phenomena?

In recent years, I've heard weather reporters describe "cut-off" low pressure systems which park over Southern Ontario for days at a time. In summer months, they bring us long stretches of cool... more


Polyphony vs Monophony?

I am taking a basic music class as an elective and was given a chart to compare monophony and polyphony. The elements within the chart are: Melody, Accompaniment, Harmony, Rhythm of Words, Dynamics... more


Dynamic markings and relative sound levels of instuments?

In an orchestra, various instruments have different "perceived output volume" capabilities and these change across registers. For example, flutes get louder in their higher register, bassoons are... more

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