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Electrical Potential Energy and Electric Potential

Please do provide an in-depth step-by-step solution and a final answer on how you solved it... This is my very first time encountering these problems. Thank you so much, in advance.! Two charges,... more
Potential Energy Physics Forces Elasticity


Bounce of a ping pong ball vs bounce of other things (How does the material affect ?)?

Yesterday I saw that a ping pong ball bounced nicely on a hard surface but poorly on a mattress.On the contrary ,I saw that other things (a pen for example) bounced poorly on a hard surface but... more

Easy physics question, just don't understand the question!

full workings with explanation please, and thanks in advance! :) ---------- A ball is projected vertically upwards from the top of a building which is 300m high. The speed of the ball after 1s is... more


Finding the potential of a force

Hi   I have been asked to find the potential V(x) of the force F(x)=k(x-L).   Can anyone help me with this please? Thanks


Energies in orbit

A meteor with a mass of 58000 kg falls from an radius of 7.1x10^6 m above the surface of the earth.    a) What is the speed of the meteor just before impact with the surface of the earth?   b)... more
Potential Energy Kinetic Energy


what is kinetic energy

i want to know more about kinetic and potential energy  

What is the minimum energy that is required to take a stationary satellite...

What minimum energy is required to take a stationary 600 kg satellite from the surface of the moon to an altitude of 9.2x10^5 and put it into an orbit with an orbital speed of 1.36x10^3... more
Potential Energy Mechanics Kinematics Trajectory


If I have been given a graph of potential energy, how do I sketch typical trajectories in the phase plane?

The particle is moving in the x-axis under the action of a conservative force with a potentialenergy V (x).
Potential Energy Physics Math Speed, Velocity


What is the value of n?

A ball is dropped from an height of 1m. After hitting the floor the ball bounces back and reaches half of its previous height. After hitting the ball n times the potential energy of the ball... more
Potential Energy


Two bodies A and B of equal mass are kept at heights 20 m and 30 m respectively calculate ratio of their potential energies

mass of A=20 m mass of B=30 m
Potential Energy


What is the electrostatic potential energy (in joules) between an electron and a proton that are separated by 52 pm?

Need to figure this out to at least three significant figures.
Potential Energy Physics Velocity Gravitation


Laws of Motion related doubt

A uniform chain of length 'l' is placed on a smooth horizontal table, such that half of its length hangs over one edge. It is released from rest, the velocity with which it leaves the tables is... more
Potential Energy Physics Friction Kinetic Energy


Energy lost to heat

In an attempt for a physics teacher to explain the conservation of energy to a student, the teacher goes down a 6.0 m high sliding board. At the bottom, he only travels 7.0 m/s. If the mass of the... more
Potential Energy Work Kinetic Energy Conservation


Conservation of Energy

A 45 kg student runs with a speed of 2.0 m/s off a horizontal ledge that is 5.0 above a swimming pool. Calculate the vertical speed of the student when she hits the water.   ...   Energy before... more
Potential Energy Physics


Potential Energy between charges

A positive charge of 3 nC is placed at the origin and a positive charge of 6.75 nC isplaced on the x-axis 5 cm. A positive test charge of 2 nC is placed on the x-axis adistance d, between these two... more
Potential Energy


what gives cars potential energy

what give cars potential enery it is a race car
Potential Energy Physics Gravitation


Gravitational Potential energy doubt

Why gravitational potential gradient is negative when a body is taken away from earth? Please resolve my doubt.
Potential Energy


electric potential

Consider a uniformly non conducting circular disc . Surface charge density = p and radius of disc = a . Find electric potential at any point on the circurmference and at the centre
Potential Energy Physics Energy Kilograms


Fill in the Blank: Potential Energy

A 0.50-kg sphere at the top of an incline has a potential energy of 8.0 joules relative to the base of the incline. Rolling halfway down the incline will cause the sphere's potential energy to be... more
Potential Energy Physics Kinetic Energy Meters


More SPE, KE or GPE?

1. Compared to a marble released from a height of .5 m, a marble released from a height of 1 m has:   a) More SPE at the top of the fall b) More KE at the top of the fall c) More GPE at the top... more
Potential Energy Physics Mass Newton


The following questions refer to a pop-up toy with a mass of .35 kg. The toy’s spring compresses .04 m and has a spring constant of 4,500 N.

The following questions refer to a pop-up toy with a mass of .35 kg. The toy’s spring compresses .04 m and has a spring constant of 4,500 N.   1. What is the spring potential energy before the... more
Potential Energy Physics Work Power


Physics Problems (2) : Work & Power

How much power is expended to raise a 300 kg roller coaster car to the top of a 35 m hill in 10 seconds? How much potential energy does the roller coaster car have at the top of the... more
Potential Energy Physics Work Power


Physics Problems (2) : Work & Power

How much potential energy does 8 million kg of water have as it drops 50 m over Niagara Falls? If a 8 million kg of water flows over Niagara Falls each second, calculate the power available at... more
Potential Energy Physics Work Power


Physics Problems (2) : Work & Power

A weightlifter lifts a 50 kg barbell 2.5 meters into the air. How much work does she do on a barbell? How much potential energy does the barbell have at the top? If she lifts the barbell in 2... more
Potential Energy Physics Velocity Kinetic Energy


Help explaining physics

Question: As the speed of a bicycle moving along a level horizontal surface changes from 2 m/s to 4 m/s, the magnitude of the bicycle's:   Multiple Choice: a. total energy remains the same b.... more

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