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The recipe for the cupcakes she is making needs 2/3 cups of flour. She realizes she only needs to make 3/4 of the recipe. How much flour will she need?


5th grade math question

Bishon need to sell at least .3 of his collection of cards to make room for new cards. Is 3/20 of his collection enough?


suppose both bands decide to combine and perform as one band. What fraction of the band members will play a brass instrument?

At Carter school, 1/3 students play percussion, 2/5 brass, 4/15 woodwind. At Reagan School, 1/3 play woodwind, 1/6 percussion, and 1/2 brass. We know that Carter has 30 total musicians and Reagan... more


i dont get how to do fractions

i just dont get how to regroup if u cant subtract from it


5.63×10^3=5630 563000÷10^2= 5630 Explain why both equations produce the same result.

5.63×10^3=5630       563000÷10^2= 5630 Explain why both equations produce the same result.


Chris paid $36 for 3 tank tops and 2 t-shirts. A t-shirt cost 3 times as much as a tank top. How much did Chris pay for the 2 t-shirts.

This is easy enough to figure out in my head working backwards (Tank top costs $4, t-shirt costs $12, therefore 2 T-shirts costs $24) but I am having a hard time creating the equation and order of... more


which number has the same value as the digit 8 in the number 41.089

80 8 0.8 0.08


For rounding, what does it mean to round each number to the greatest place of the least number?

I‘m trying to help my 5th grader do math and the teacher says go to the book for help and the book says round each number to the greatest place of the least number. 4284+979+5610 I would say... more


A muffin weighs 2 ounces. Do 15 muffins weigh 3 pounds?

We are doing campare customary units by muliplying  


use the order of operations to simplify 40-[3(1.75)+2(7)=

need to find answer to following problem


Write answer in algebraic expression

Huey has y dollars in his wallet. He buys a coat that costs $26 and spends the rest on 4 sandwiches. If all the sandwiches are the same price, show the cost of one sandwich in terms of y.    If... more


9 oz. of paint was shared between 4 students. How much paint did each student have?

need to draw a visual of what is being described and then answer the question


Number in Attendance

At a balloon festival, 268 people showe up to watch the evening lift-off at 8:00pm. Saturday morning's lift-off brought in 328 people. Sunday morning's show brought in twice as many as Friday... more


Math problem. I know the answer, but I don't know the steps to reach that answer.

Louis had 135 action figures, Sam had 990 action figures and Jane had 570 action figures. After Jane gave an equal number of action figures to both boys, Sam had 4 times as many action figures as... more


Next question is now find the area of the mat by multiplying the number of squares the door mat is divided into by the area of one square.

this is a follow up question to the first question on my daughters homework.


The base of the triangle is twice its height. The area is 25. What is the base and height?

I'm Stevie's sister and need help helping him lol


Larry jogged 2 3/5 km. How many kilometers and meters did he jog?

Please help. What happened to textbooks with detail instructions. Please help 


Stephen has a fenched garden in What is the length of the fence?

A 70.2 feet B 73.4 feet C 74.7 feet D 182.2 feet rectangle. width is 14. area is 317.8


Dawn is packing cookies. She puts 5 cookies in each package. If she has 7,414 cookies, how many packages can she make? In a mixed number

Need it in a mixed number.  I would like to know how we get to the answer.


ally has 56 books. she has 14 more adventure stories than biographies. how many of each type of book does she have?

How would you go about solving this problem?


Need to find width of a Rectangular Garden....

The Perimeter is 36 ft.  The length is 10 ft. What is the Width of the rectangle? 
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