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Rounding Math


578 is between witch two hundreds


Calculate the simple interest earned. Round to the nearest cent( P = $4000, r = 9.6%, t = 23 days)

Its telling me that the answer is wrong. The problem they give me is P = $4000, r = 9.6%, t = 23 days
Rounding Square Inches


Rounding Square Inches

I was asked to round my answer to the tenths place. My answer was 803.84 square inches. I put 803.8 square inches. It said the answer was in fact wrong and was 804.2 square inches. Im missing... more
Rounding Prealgebra


9856.87 to the nearest cent



Round to the nearest hundred, a number equals to 1000. What is the SMALLEST value this number can have?.

3rd grade math question


How to round answer to 1/8 of an inch?

Hi, I got an answer of 1.3787013 on a question. How do I round that answer to the nearest 1/8 of an inch?


What is 587.24 rounded to the nearest cent

math rounding to the nearest cent  


How do you round .47 to the ones place?

Would it be 0 since the four is less than 5? Or would the 7 round up the 4 which would then make it 1? 


A 10 foot ladder is placed 4 feet from the edge of a building. How far up the building does the ladder reach?

I have to round to the nearest tenth of a foot.


What is 56.479 cents rounded to the nearest cent?

This is a multiple choice question and the alternatives are as follows a. 60 cents b.$56.48 c. 56 cents d.56.48 cents


Round 31577.31632 to the nearest cent

How to round to the nearest cent?


The united states had 3,944,788 miles of roads. What is the distants rounded to the nearest millon miles

The US had 3,944,788 miles of road . What is the distance rounded to the nearest millon miles 


I need help with this word problem

8,394 rounded to the nearest hundred is 8,400 Right?

Need help with Quadratic Equation that you have to solve with Square Root?

Can someone help me solve this Quadratic Equation by square root? If you could do it step-by-step I would appreciate but if it's too much work then it's okay, just don't bother.3x² + 1 = 58Also for... more


approximate 39 as an whole number

  approximate 39 squre root to the nearest whole number


Why do you round up from 5

When You have a number like 25 why would you round to 30? 5 is in the middle of 0 and 10


rounding numbers

Round 5.908 to the ones place


round numbers to the nearest whole

o.219  1.06   299.5          783.444     999.55123

Trail and improvement

I have to find x to 1 decimal place in the equation: 2x^2 +6 = 103 I have done trail and improvement and have concluded that 7 is to big and 6.9 is to small. 6.95 gives the answers 102.605 and... more


The area of a square inch poster is 50 in2. Find length of one side of the poster to the nearest tenth of an inch

It has rounding and it has decimals because it said round to the nearest tenth of an inch. It also has something to do with square root. Oh and it also has something to do with area.
Rounding Math Percent Weight


How to answer? I'm confused on the second part

The human body is 65% water. A certain man weighed 150 lb. After 1 year on a diet, his weight decreased by 15%. Round all the calculations to two decimal points.   a. Before the diet, how much of... more

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