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Divide 73091.72 by 23855.

Please help me divide (73,091.72 divided by 23855)

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Hi Tatha, Unfortunately you have a tedious, time consuming long division problem on your hands. ___________ 23855)73091.72 First you must ask, how many times will 23855 go into 73091.72. The answer is 3 (23855*3=71565) ____3._______________ 23855)73091.72 -71565 ______________________ 1526. (23855 will not go into 1526 so you must bring the .72 down. _____3.______ 23855)73091.72 -71565 ___________________ 1526.72 (ignore the decimals, just carry them down) now you need to determine how many times 23855 will go into 152672 (the decimals are not important now) The answer is 6 ______3.06_______ 23855) 73091.72 -71565 ___________ 152672 -143130 __________ 9542 Continue adding zeros and dividing until you reach the number of decimal points required in the asnwer. Good luck


When you do long division, only bring 1 number down at a time. If your divisor will not even go into the new number even once, you have to put a zero into your answer!

So, Amy was correct that you have a 3. Subtract 73091-71565 to get 1526 and bring down the next digit in the dividend,7.

Now how many times will 23855 go into 15267? It won't, so you have to put a 0 up top! So far you have 3.0

So now bring down the next digit and ask how many times will 23855 go into 152672? 6 like Amy said before, so now add a 6 to your answer. Now you have 3.06 up top. Keep going bringing down one digit at a time. Since you have no more digits in the dividend, you can always add zeros without changing its value.

Keep going like Amy said until you have enough decimal places.