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Coordinates Geometry Interval


Co ordinate geometry

(a) Find the gradient of the interval AB, where A = (3, 0) and B = (5, −2).(b) Find a if AP ⊥ AB, where P = (a, 5).(c) Find the point Q(b, c) if B is the midpoint of AQ.(d) Find d if the interval... more
Coordinates Algebra College Algebra


Find all points having an​ x-coordinate of 4 whose distance from the point (−2,−1) is 10.

thanks for the help! 
Coordinates Geometry Distance


Calculate the distance from the point (3,5) to the line y = x + 4.



Find the length of the segment with endpoints of (3,2) and (-3,-6).

please explain how to solve this problem. thank you.
Coordinates Right Triangles


A right triangle is formed by points A (2, -1) B (2, 5) and C (6, -1) . Find the length of the hypotenuse, which is line segment BC.

please explain the process for solving this problem. thank you.
Coordinates Slope


question in description

You are standing on a coordinate grid at A(1,2). You are able to see a line using a light at specific slope values. What coordinates would you hit at each of the slope values given.   slope... more
Coordinates Math Calculus


Extending Differentiation (Question)

A curve has equation y=(x2+1)4+2(x2+1)3. Show that dy/dx=4x(x2+1)2 (2x2+5) and hence show that the curve has one stationary (critical) point. State the coordinates of the stationary point and, by... more
Coordinates Math Geometry


Midpoints of sides PQ(-2,3) QR(5,-1) PR(-4,-7) . Find the coordinates of P, Q, and R

Math problem year 10, geomatry coordinates
Coordinates Geometry Algebra


Find the orthocenter of a triangle if...

Find the orthocenter of triangle ABC if A=(0,0) B=(4,0) C=(4,2)   I've tried this problem on my own several times, and being homeschooled I'm a bit short on help. The zeros are throwing me off!


How do you find a cordinate of a rhombus

E (-2,3)F (0,4) G (2,3) Rhombus EFGH has the coordinates shown. Find the coordinates of point H.


What is the coordinate of c?

Points D, E, and F are on a line. The coordinate of D is -3, the coordinate of E is 1, and the coordinate of F is 9. Line AB intersects line segment EF at C. If line AB is a bisector of EF, what is... more
Coordinates Perimeter Points


How to find the perimeter of an Irregular Hexagon with coordinates?

If you have the points (-2,4) (0,4) (2,0) (2,-2) (0,2) (-2,2), how can you find the perimeter? I've been on this for hours now and nothing on the internet seems to understand it.


Speed and line plots

the x-axis of a certain graph is distance traveled in meters and the y-axis is time in seconds.Two points are plotted on this graph with coordinates(2, 43) and (5,68). What is the elapsed time... more
Coordinates Geometry Triangles


Point A = (-4,3) Point B = (2,1) Point C = (-2,-3) Find the size of angle BAC?

I know that the length of AC and AB is sqrt40 and the length of BC is sqrt32. Where do I go from here?
Coordinates Geometry Algebra


Find the coordinates????

Quadrilateral ABCD:   the point A is (−1, −1), the point B is (3, 6) and the point C is (9, 4). D is unknown but below the x axis.     The diagonals AC and BD intersect at M. Angle BMA =... more
Coordinates Math Algebra


Using transformations, determine the coordinates of the key point (0, 1) on the graph of the function:

f(x)=-ex+4   A. (0,1) B. (0,5) C. (−4, −1) D. (−4,1) E. None of the above


The points ( - 2,2) and (5,n) fall on a line with a slope of 1. What is the value of n?

Find a missing coordinate using slope  
Coordinates Geometry Find B


Find the coordinates of B

Find the coordinates of B when it is given that A(5,-2) and M(12,6), M is the midpoint in this problem. I keep getting (8.5,2) for the answer and I don't think that is correct. Can someone please... more
Coordinates Pre Algebra


The coordinates of quadilateral VWXY are given below. Find the coordinates of its imagine after a dilation with the given scale factor.

V(6,2), W(-2,4), X(-3,-2), Y(3,-5), scale factor of 2. 

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