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Light Absorbtion


Light absorbance vs absorbance confusion?

okay so on my paper i have unknown percentage light absorbance of 19, 20, and 23, and i have an equation of y=mx+b, where y is the absorbance and x is the concentration which i need to find by... more
Light Absorbtion Chemistry Plots Chemistry Lab


Beers Law plot

I had to constructed a Beers Law plot for my graph (absorbance vs. concentration) I'm supposed to find the molar extinction coefficient from the slope. Well the slope of the line is... more


Spectrophotometric lab

A test for drug use involves addition of 10.00mL of colorless reagent to 10.00 mL urine. If drug residue is present in the sample the solution turns blue(λmax = 605 nm, ε = 18,200M-1cm-1). Because... more


Why does each gas show a colour only when electricity was passed through the discharge tube

we used an apparatus containing a power source and gas discharge tubes we then looked through diffraction grating and observe the spectra produced by each gas discharge tube


Calculate the concentration of a solution with an absorbance of 1.275 (A). The slope is 0.0184 (A)/% and the Y intercept is 0.037 (A). Show your work.

A sample is made up of a solvent only (and reactants other than the compound of interest, if any) is called a blank. If the blank has a measurable absorbance, the the curve has a non-zero... more
Light Absorbtion


light absorbtion

1.  an object which absorbs most of the light waves which srike it but reflects the blue frequency   a.  is opaque and appears blue b.  is transparent and appers blue c.  is opaque and appears... more

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