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How many grams of calcium nitrate needs to be added to make 400 mL of solution that has a molarity of 2.5?



Calculate the concentration of a solution with an absorbance of 1.275 (A). The slope is 0.0184 (A)/% and the Y intercept is 0.037 (A). Show your work.

A sample is made up of a solvent only (and reactants other than the compound of interest, if any) is called a blank. If the blank has a measurable absorbance, the the curve has a non-zero... more


with a 1:6 ratio of serum to dilutes. A 140 mg/dL would be what value?

A serum dilution is made using 1:6 ratio of serum to dilutes.  The glucose concentration of the diluted specimen was found to be 140mg/dL.  What glucose value should be reported for the serum?

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