Haley B.

asked • 06/13/18

Using mole ratio to determine concentration of a reactant?

S2O82- + 2 I- --> 2 SO42- + I2   (reaction 1)       [I-]=0.20M, [S2O82-]=0.10M 
2 S2O32- + I2 --> S4O62- + 2 I-  (reaction 2)      [S2O32-]= 0.0050M
I need to determine the concentration of the I2 in reaction 2, can I use the mole ratio to find it like this:
0.0050M S2O32- x 1mol I2/2 mol S2O32- = 0.0025M I2
Also, when given a concentration of a stock solution, the concentration given is the concentration of that reactant unless it is diluted, right? Or am I missing something?...

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