Reeta Z.

asked • 02/25/18

Whats the correct way to approach this concentration question?

Part I. Preparation of a Fe(III)-oxalate complex: (4 pts)
a) Recorded mass of Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2●6H2O used: 1.3807 (g)
b) pH paper color upon addition of oxalic acid: Magenta
c) Does this color indicate an acidic, neutral, or basic solution: Acidic
g) Part II: Preparation of a Fe(II)-bpy standard: (4 pts)
a) Recorded mass of Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2●6H2O used: 0.1201 (g)
b) Calculate the [Fe] in the Fe(II)-bpy standard solution. Show your work and the final value in the space provided below.
The solution was initially diluted in a 100mL volumetric flask. Then 2mL were transfered into a 50mL volumetric flask whihc was then diluted to the calibration line (50mL final solution)
[Fe] = 0.000123 (M) This was what I got after my calculations but it's not working with the rest of my calculations I have to do after. Did I do something wrong?

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