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Chemistry: Molarity

Calculate the molarity of each of the following solutions: (a) 293g HCl in 666mL of solution, a concentrated HCl solution(b) 2.0226 g FeCl3 in 0.1250L of a solution used as an unknown in general... more


How to find Mg of a substance using molarity

Calcium levels in blood can be determined by adding oxalate ion to precipitate calcium oxalate, CaC2O4, followed by dissolving the precipitate in aqueous acid and titrating the resulting oxalic... more


Morality and Mass percent of Vinegar

A 10.00 -mL sample of vinegar, an aqueous solution of acetic acid (HC2H3O2), is titrated with .5073M NaOH, and 17.64 mL is required to reach the equivalence point.What is the molarity of the acetic... more


Titration and M = n/V

If the lemon juice used in the lab has 0.121 mol of total acid per 100. mL of juice, what volume (in mL) of 0.0998 M NaOH would you use to reach the endpoint of the titration?


Chemistry problems

1.Suppose you have 200.0 ml of o.2 M NaOH solution. If you dilute this to 500.0 ml of with water, what is the new molarity? 2 . Given 240 ml of 0.5M NaNO3 solution, to what volume do you need to... more


What is the new molarity when 60. mL of 5.0 M Ba(OH)_2 is diluted to 1.0 L of solution?

10th grade chem molarity problem


How to make a solution of a certain molarity?

Let's say I have an unlimited supply of some pure product, such as Ascorbic Acid (C6H8O6).I will mix it with some deionized water. If I wanted make a specific solution of a certain molarity, would... more


General Chemistry 2 concentration dilution problem

3. A 4.50 *10^-2 M solution is used to prepare a series of five 100.0 mL solutions of varying concentration for use in creating a calibration curve for a spectrophotometric experiment. Determine... more


How to calculate

A solution is made dissolving 25grams of NaCI in enough water to make 210 grams of solution. Assuming the volume of resulting solution is 405 mL calculate


Molarity Conversion

If 38.17 mL of 0.1072 M NaOH is required to titrate a 15.00 mL sample of sulfuric acid, what is the molarity of the acid? Equation: H2SO4 + 2 OH^1- = 2 H2O + SO4^2- Show all work.


A chemist prepares a solution of magnesium fluoride by measuring out 0.69 mg of magnesium fluoride into a 100.mL volumetric flask.

Calculate the concentration in mol/L of the chemist's magnesium fluoride solution.  


How many moles of chlorine per liter of drinking water are safe for human consumption

Safe level for chlorine in drinking water is 4 ppm


An anti cavity mouthwash is 0.05% (w/v) sodium fluoride. What is the molarity of sodium fluoride in the mouthwash?

How many grams of sodium fluoride are there in 0.5 fluid ounces of the mouthwash?


what is the molar mass of aluminum?

what is the  molar mass of aluminum?


Calculate the molarity of a solution

Made from combining 24.1mL of NaOH into a final volume of 1.25mL


How many grams of sodium bromide must be dissolved in 600 grams of water to produce a 0.080 molal NaBr solution?

Please include an explanation if possible.


What mass of iron (III) fluoride is contained in 61.5mL of a 9.76M solution?

 what will be the mass


If you dilute 13.1 mL of a 3.5 M solution to make 193.2 mL of solution, what is the molarity of the dilute solution?

im not exactly sure how to find the molarity, an answer would be nice, and also how to do it. 


10.6 grams divided by 106 g/mol makes 0.1 of the salt

i dont know how to do molarity 


Calculate the molarity and molality.

An intraven solution is analyzed to confirm its concentration. A 250 mL sample with a mass of 251.60 g is evaporated to dryness. The solid sodium carbonate residue has a mass of 2.27 g. Calculate... more


determine the mole ratio

a chemist reacted measured volumes of a 0.50 M copper nitrate solution with measured volumes of 0.50M sodium carbonate solution. The mass of the precipitate formed was measured and plotted. How do... more


Question concerning molarity, volume and mass, please help!

If 10 drops of 0.5 mol L-1 Na3PO4(aq) had been added to the sample containing excess 0.25 mol L-1 Ca(NO3)2(aq), what mass of precipitate would you expect to produce? You may assume one drop is... more


Question about Molarity. Please help me, Urgent.

How much water should be added to 10.0 mL of 6.00M HCl to prepare a 0.500M HCL solution?

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