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Applied Math Algebra 2 Probability


8,-4,2,-1 what are the 3 next numbers in there order?

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Applied math- Scale

A pet store designs fish tanks that are in the shape of a rectangular prism. The small tank has a capacity of 1920 cu in. The scale factor that relates the dimensions of the small tank to the... more
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Applied math- Scale

Here is a scale diagram of a living room. Each grid square is 0.5 cm. The scale of the diagram is 1 cm : 5 ft.1. Determine the actual size of the living room?2. You need to put the following items... more
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Applied Math- Scale

Problem to solve:Saara is hosting a BBQ. She requires the following.20 hamburgers with buns24 hot dogs with buns6 lbs potato salad60 bottles of water6 watermelons8 L ice creamShe only has time to... more
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I need your HELP!!!!- Applied math

Applied math- Inequality A street vendor sells hot dogs and buffalo burgers. A hot dog costs the vendor $0.80 and the buffalo burger costs the vendor $1.25. The hot dog occupies 240 cm3 in space... more
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Applied Math- Cosine law

Applied math- Cosine law Alex, Curtis and Michael go boating together on a calm day. They leave the marina dock and travel at a speed of 40 km/h due east for 3 hours. Then, they travel 22° west of... more
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Applied math- Sin Law

Find the length of the chord BC to the nearest tenth of a centimetre.
Applied Math Linear Algebra


i need help with this problem

List the elements of the set in roster notation. (Enter EMPTY or ∅ for the empty set.){x | x is a digit in the number 526,343}
Applied Math Algebra


Homework Math ploblem

A parts distributor is paid a weekly salary of $250 plus an 8% commission on all sales over $2500 per week what is the distributor salary for a given week if the sales for that week totaled $4,873
Applied Math


I really cant get this problem, I've been at it for hours, can anyone solve it?

How much money in dollars should a person deposit in a 6-months certificate of deposit CD that earns 8% simple interest in order to have $4000 when the CD matures at the end of the 6 months? Round... more
Applied Math


I cant seem to get the answer to this word problem can anyone help?

In a local town, 27,000 families have incomes less than $25,000 per year. This number of families is 60% of the families that had this income level 12 years ago. What was the number of families who... more
Applied Math


I cant solve this word problem to save my life, can anyone solve it?

A boxer is put on a diet to gain 14 lb in four weeks. The gains 4 1/3 lb the first week and 5 5/6 lb the second week. How much weight must the boxer gain during the third and fourth weeks in order... more
Applied Math


Find all subsets of the set (2,4,11)

Find all subsets of the set (2,4,11)


grade 11 applied math

Problem to solve:A fundraiser for a school sells hoodies and track pants. Hoodies sell for $60 and track pants sell for $40. The school wants to raise at least $2000.a) Write an inequality that... more
Applied Math Boundary Conditions


how do i solve a boundary value problem with mixed conditions - robin and neumann?

ut-uxx=0 0<x<1   bcs: ux(0,t)=0, ux(3,t)=-u(3,t)  ic: u(x,t)) = x- 5


Solve the equation for s.

y=sx=c  i dont understated this...
Applied Math


A poster was refunded by 16%. By what percent must it then be increased in size in order to restore it to its original

pick any arbitrary number to represent the original size
Applied Math Velocity Forces Energy


How do i use the energy equation to answer the question below?

A particle of mass m = 10kg moves along a straight line under the action of force F =λ/x4, where λ is some constant. A measurement shows that the particle passes the pointx = 1m with the velocity... more
Applied Math Calculus


Find radius and height for a bucket and what is the minimum cost?

A company wants to manufacture an open cylindrical bucket of volume 12 litres (12000cm3). The plastic used for the base of the bucket costs 0.07 cents per cm2 while the plastic used for the curved... more
Applied Math Mathmatics


If Jaime wants to find 60% of 320, which table should he use?

If Jaime wants to find 60% of 320, which table should he use?
Applied Math Math Equations


How do I manipulate a formula and create and number equation out of some give information?

Ex. The cost of the meal plus a 15% tip was $24.15.  I need this changed to a number equation. 
Applied Math


Recursion and Recurrence Relations (Home Work)

1. Write down all derangements of the set {α,b,c,d} and show that the number of derangements is the same as predicted by the recurrence D(n) = (n - 1)(D(n - 2) + D(n - 1)) with initial values D(1)... more
Applied Math Discrete Mathematics


Recursion and Recurrence Relations (Home Work)

1.  Let αk = 3k  + k - 2 for all k ≥ 0.a.  Write down the values of α1, α2 and α3.b.  Write down the values of A(1), A(2) and A(3) defined by the recurrence relation: A(0) = -1, A(k) = 3A(k-1) - 2k... more
Applied Math


Functions (Home Work)

1. Define the following functions on the integers by f(k) = k + 1, g(k) = 2k, and h(k) = ⌈k/2⌉(a) Which of these functions are one-to-one?(b) Which of these functions are onto?(c) Express in... more
Applied Math


Relations and Graphs (Home Work)

1. Let A= {-2, -1, 0, 1, 2}. Let r be the relation defined by xry if and only if y=-x . Let S be the relation defined by xsy if and only if y= |x|.(a) Write down as a subset of A X A .(b) Write... more

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