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Advanced Mathematics


The line y=mx is a tangent to the circle x^2+(y-2)^2=2.

Find algebraically the values of m and the points of contact of the tangents to the circle.
Advanced Mathematics Math Logic


Using induction, show that ∀n∈N \ {0,1}, 1 + 1/(2^2) + … + 1/(n^2) > 3n/(2n + 1)

∀n∈N \ {0,1}, 1 + 1/(2^2) + … + 1/(n^2) > 3n/(2n + 1) N denotes the Natural Numbers. I tried adding 1/(n+1)^2 to both sides but am stuck.
Advanced Mathematics


Geometry related question

Point K is a point inside a triangle XYZ. Let G, H, I be the orthogonal projections of the point K on the sides YZ, ZX, XY respectively. Let the orthogonal projections of the point X on the lines... more
Advanced Mathematics


Evaluate this equation:

Advanced Mathematics


Solve the following equation given that 0°=?<360°

cosθ - cosθ tanθ=0
Advanced Mathematics


the number of boys varied inversely as the number of teachers and directly as the number or girls squared

When there were 200 boys, there were 10 girls and 20 teachers. How many boys were there when there were 2 teachers and 8 girl?   Please help me understand how to created the equation when they... more
Advanced Mathematics


Fox and Bob traveled g miles in x hours.

Then they increased their speed by p miles per hour. How far could they go in ax hours at the new rate?
Advanced Mathematics


Factor: 3y^{2n+1} + 12y^{3n+2}

Factor: 3y2n+1 + 12y3n+2    
Advanced Mathematics


Acorns varied directly as walnuts and inversely as squirrels squared.

When there were 28 acorns, there were there were 7 walnuts and 3 squirrels. How many acorns were there when there were 4 walnuts but only 2 squirrels?
Advanced Mathematics


Factor: 27b^{9}a^{6} - 64c^{3}

Advanced Mathematics
Advanced Mathematics


One bag contains 6 green and 2 white marbles. A second bag contains 7 blue and 4 silver marbles. One marble is drawn from each bag. What is P (green and silver)

Choices are ;    2/11  3/44  3/11 7/44

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