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Asked • 06/25/19

How do I downgrade a RAW photo to a JPEG in Lightroom?

Sometimes, I have photos which, instead of being kept in DNG format, could be converted to JPEG: - In museums, when I make a photo of artwork, I also take a photo of a label with the name of the artwork, the author, the description and other info. Switching back and forth between RAW and JPEG during the shooting is possible, but I would prefer not wasting the time doing it. - When creating panoramas in Lightroom 6, I prefer keeping the original photos if later, I decide to use a better panorama stitching software. This also means that having an additional 500 MB DNG file for the panorama itself isn't particularly useful, since I can always recreate it later. - Some photos are purely “technical” and don't have to be retouched later. For instance, if I take a photo of a piece of hardware, I want to keep it in the catalog in order to be able to find it later when I need it; but it's not the sort of photos where I would need to adjust the exposure or the saturation, because nobody cares about the artistic aspects of it.Right now, what I do is that I: - Export the photo from Lightroom as JPEG, - Remove the original from Lightroom catalog, - Move the exported JPEG to the directory where it is supposed to be, - Add the JPEG to the catalog (which is very time consuming, since Lightroom won't let me specify the directory through copy-paste, so I have to manually work through the tree to select the corresponding folder.)Is there an easier way to tell Lightroom that it should replace original DNG files by their respective JPEGs? I could imagine a command silimar to *Library* > *Convert photo to DNG...*, but I can't see any such option in the menu.

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